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This article is about the series of live-action roleplaying game conventions. For the Canadian security company, see Intercon Security.

The Intercon LARP conventions are a series of live action role-playing (LARP) conventions licensed by LARPA and produced by independent groups. The conventions began with the SiliCon LARP convention, organized in 1986.[1] To be licensed by LARPA Intercons must support some sort of open bid process in which local groups or individuals, regardless of affiliation, are invited to submit LARP events, and evaluated by some reasonably fair process.

The Intercon Conventions have used the names Silicon, Intercon and DexCon.[2] They have been, over the years, a core element of the growth of Theatre Style LARP in the northeastern United States, primarily in the Boston and Washington DC areas.[3] Currently InterCon is held in Chelmsford, MA.[4]

In 2013 the Wyrd Con Companion Book 2012 was launched at Intercon M.[5]

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