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Intercontinental Press (IP) was a weekly news magazine produced on behalf of the Fourth International (FI) between 1963 and 1986. The magazine was founded as World Outlook in 1963 under the editorial direction of Joseph Hansen, Pierre Frank and Reba Hansen. A parallel edition in French was named Perspective mondiale. In 1968 the magazine's offices moved with the Hansens from Paris to New York. After a 1968 naming dispute with another magazine with the same title, the magazine became Intercontinental Press (IP).

Between 1973 and 1978, a factional disagreement between the majority of the FI and the leadership of the Socialist Workers Party (US) started to affect IP: the Hansens were leaders of the SWP, which housed and managed the magazine, and IP tended towards the SWP's viewpoint more than the FI's. In 1973 the FI initiated an English-language edition of Inprecor, which merged with IP after the dissolution of the international factions in 1978. The merged magazine was called Intercontinental Press/Inprecor.

In 1983, new disagreements between the SWP and USFI developed. Again, IP favoured the SWP's viewpoint more than the United Secretariat's. This prompted the FI to reestablish the English-language edition of Inprecor, which is called 'International Viewpoint'. After the 1985 World Congress the SWP withdrew from the Fourth International. It closed IP in 1986.