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The Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation is a SEC Registered Investment Adviser that manages private equity real estate investments and provides real estate services for domestic and international clients.[1] Established in Boston, Massachusetts in 1959 as a construction firm by Petros A. Palandjian, an Armenian immigrant from Iran,[2] the corporation has acquired, developed, managed, and owned over US $10 Billion of real estate assets of all real property types. [3] Petros Palandjian died in 1996[4] of gastric cancer. [5] His son, Peter Palandjian, is the CEO [6]of Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation.

Today, Intercontinental manages a portfolio in excess of $4 billion for its clients. The Intercontinental portfolio is diversified both by robust property mix and by geography. Fund strategies actively seek opportunities to invest in both Core and Core-Plus properties, as well as in Value-Add operating properties and development projects,


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