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Interest is any fee paid on borrowed capital. It may also refer to:

  • Interest (emotion), the emotion prompting attention or curiosity
    • Relating to this, any hobby or other form of recreation or preference (in Social networks context) labeled "interest" - because a person feels an emotion of interest towards them
    • Romantically, individuals may be "interested" in others with sexual interest
  • National interest or raison d'état, the operant doctrines and ambitions of a state
  • Self-interest, the ambitions of an individual
  • Conflict of interest, the conflicting obligations of two or more parties in a dispute or trade
  • Returns (economics), the gain from the use of real capital, such as money earned on a loan or savings account
  • Government interest, the rationale of a government in enacting a law or regulation
  • Interestingness as a metric to rank media on Flickr

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