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Interface Media Group
Industry Media Agency, Video production
Founded 1977
Headquarters Washington D.C.
Key people
Jeff Weingarten

Interface Media Group, Inc. is a filmmaking, television production and post-production company providing film, video and internet related production services in the Washington, D.C. area.

Founded in 1977 Interface's production facilities occupy approximately 40,000 square feet (3,700 m2) in downtown Washington D.C.,[1] and provide a digital, data-centric approach to the acquisition, processing, distribution and archiving of media. The facility is staffed by artists, editors and production management personnel.


Incorporated on February 7, 1977 as Interface Video Systems, Inc., by Tom Angell, the company opened its doors for business on May 2 of that year with three employees and one linear editing bay. On March 1, 2007 the company was sold to longtime employee Jeff Weingarten and the name was officially changed to Interface Media Group, Inc.[2] The company now has 45 employees and 26 production and post production suites.


Interface's work can be seen in documentary and entertainment programs that have aired on CNN, ESPN, HBO,[3] PBS,[4][5][6] the Discovery Networks,[7] and the National Geographic Channel.[8] In addition, they have worked with national and international organizations including: Broadcast Television Networks; Cable networks; Advertising agencies; Political Campaigns;[9] Galleries and Museums;[10] State and Federal Government agencies; Independent Film makers; Corporations and Associations.


According to their website, Interface offers the following services: Script to Screen production; Creative Editorial; Studio and Location production and Webcasting, Graphic design and the production of computer animation and visual effects;resolution independent Digital compositing for both HDTV and SDTV; Telecine for film to tape transfer and tape to tape color enhancement; Sound Design and Audio Mixing; Satellite and Fiber Optic Transmission, Disk and Tape based duplication and world standards conversion; electronic spot distribution; MPEG encoding, DVD authoring, Streaming Media and other internet related services.

Tools Used[edit]

Final Cut Pro; Autodesk Smoke, Flame, Maya; Digidesign Pro Tools; Avid; Adobe Systems After Effects, Photoshop.


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