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Interfaith Alliance is an interfaith organization in the United States founded in 1994. Its stated goal is to protect faith and freedom by respecting individual rights, protecting the boundaries between religion and government, and uniting diverse voices to challenge extremism and build common ground.


Interfaith Alliance has members from more than 75 faith traditions and belief systems,[1] in addition to many persons who follow no religious tradition.


In January 2016, Rabbi Moline was named President of Interfaith Alliance. Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy is the President Emeritus and continues to host Interfaith Alliance's weekly State of Belief Radio program.

In January 2015, Rabbi Jack Moline had been named Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance.[2]

Partner organizations[edit]

Interfaith Alliance and its partner organization, Interfaith Alliance Foundation, work out of their main office in Washington, D.C.. The group has local affiliates around the United States.[3]


Interfaith Alliance realizes the powerful role that religion plays in America, and it values the positive impact that religious belief can have on American politics. However, Interfaith Alliance's concern is that religion and the United States government are becoming dangerously entangled. Interfaith Alliance believes that religion is being manipulated as a tool to influence policy and advance political strategy. Interfaith Alliance works to ensure the sanctity of religion and the integrity of politics. The group also supports an end to discrimination based on sexual orientation.[4]


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