Interflug Flight 1107

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Interflug Flight 1107
Tupolev Tu-134, Interflug AN0324987.jpg
An Interflug Tu-134 similar to the aircraft involved in the accident
Accident summary
Date 1 September 1975
Summary Controlled flight into terrain
Site Leipzig/Halle Airport
Passengers 28
Crew 6
Fatalities 27
Survivors 7
Aircraft type Tupolev Tu-134
Operator Interflug
Registration DM-SCD
Flight origin Stuttgart Airport
Destination Leipzig/Halle Airport

Interflug Flight 1107 was a flight operated by East German airline Interflug from Stuttgart in West Germany to Leipzig in East Germany. On 1 September 1975 a Tupolev Tu-134 operating on the route crashed during its approach to Leipzig, killing 27 of the 34 passengers and crew on board.


The aircraft was descended with guidance from air traffic control using a precision approach radar. Despite this the crew allowed the aircraft to descend too quickly and failed to check what was the decision height for Leipzig Airport. The Tu-134 struck a radio mast only two to three metres above its base and crashed. Three of the six crew and 24 of the 28 passengers were killed in the crash. The majority of the passengers were travelling to visit the Leipzig Trade Fair.[1] The surviving crewmembers and the radar controller were all sentenced to prison terms as a result of the crash.[2]


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