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For main subject, see interior design.
Interior Design
Categories Interior design
Frequency Monthly
Company Sandow
Country United States
Based in New York City, New York
Language English

Interior Design is an American interior design magazine.[1] For over 80 years, the Interior Design network has been a global leading design publication, website and host of special events to designers around the world. Interior Design magazine (published by Sandow), helps shape smart and booming businesses with a strong desire for innovation and design. This magazine has been an important resource for professional designers and is demonstrated throughout their work in projects as well as their design process. The Interior Design's events have connected with the industry by stimulating creativity, leadership, innovation and collaboration through a variety of practices and programs. Interior Design is the finest resource for significant content for the industry's artists and designers, and will only continue to be.

Editors have included Donald D. Macmillan;[2]Sherman R. Emery, from 1960 to 1983;[3] and Stanley Abercrombie.

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