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This article is about the Manitoba provincial electoral district. For the region in British Columbia, see Interlakes. For the sailing dinghy, see Interlake (dinghy).
Manitoba electoral district
Provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
Derek Johnson
Progressive Conservative
District created 1979
First contested 1981
Last contested 2016

Interlake is a provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was created by redistribution in 1979, and has formally existed since the 1981 provincial election. Previously, much of the Interlake region was included in the constituency of St. George. As its name implies, Interlake is located between Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba, in the mid-northern section of the province.

Interlake is bordered to the east by Lake Winnipeg, to the south by Lakeside and Gimli, to the north by Swan River, and to the west by Lake Manitoba. Communities in the riding include Arborg, Riverton, Ashern, Fraserwood. The Black and Deer Islands are also located in the riding.

In 1996, the riding's population was 18,653. In 1999, the average family income was $32,570, and the unemployment rate was 10.60%. Twenty-two per cent of the riding's residents are listed as low-income. Almost 25% of the riding's residents have less than a Grade 9 education.

Agriculture accounts for 22% of Interlake's industry, followed by government services at 13%.

Interlake had been represented continuously by members of the New Democratic Party since its creation. That ended with the 2016 election. In 1995, local members of the Progressive Conservative Party attempted to rig the voting results by promoting a candidate from Independent Native Voice, a minor party. The plan was unsuccessful, but caused a major provincial scandal when its details were revealed to the public in 1998-99.

The current MLA is Progressive Conservative Derek Johnson. He is the riding's first PC MLA since it was created.

List of provincial representatives[edit]

Name Party Took Office Left Office
Bill Uruski NDP 1981 1990
Clif Evans NDP 1990 1999
Tom Nevakshonoff NDP 1999 2016
Derek Johnson Prog. Cons. 2016 present

Electoral results[edit]

Manitoba general election, 2016
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Progressive Conservative Derek Johnson 3,685 52.51 +7.09
Liberal Jamal Abas 2,068 28.09 +25.19
New Democratic Tom Nevakshonoff 1,428 19.40 -31.06
Total valid votes 7,361 100.0  
Source: Elections Manitoba[1]
Manitoba general election, 2011: Interlake
Party Candidate Votes %
New Democratic Tom Nevakshonoff 3,374 50.46
     Progressive Conservative Steve Lupky 2,903 43.42
     Independent John Zasitko 215 3.22
Liberal Albert Ratt 194 2.90
Total valid votes 6,686 100.00
Rejected and declined votes 30 0.45
Turnout 6,716 53.36
Registered voters 12,586

Manitoba general election, 2007: Interlake
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
New Democratic Tom Nevakshonoff 4,047 59.30 $19,408.47
     Progressive Conservative Gary Wasylowski 2,445 35.82 $24,946.26
Liberal Franklin Swark 309 4.53 $340.30
Total valid votes 6,801 99.63
Rejected and declined votes 25
Turnout 6,826 56.53
Registered voters 12,074


June, 2003:[3]

Manitoba general election, 1999: Interlake
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
New Democratic Tom Nevakshonoff 3,809 48.18 $22,797.00
     Progressive Conservative Betty Green 3,260 41.24 $28,978.73
Liberal Margaret Swan 770 9.74 $7,010.62
Total valid votes 7,839 99.73
Rejected and declined votes 66
Turnout 7,905 62.99
Registered voters 12,550


Previous boundaries[edit]

The 1998-2011 boundaries for Interlake highlighted in red


Coordinates: 51°25′34″N 97°59′53″W / 51.426°N 97.998°W / 51.426; -97.998