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Interleaving may refer to:

  • Interleaving, a technique for making forward error correction more robust with respect to burst errors
  • An optical interleaver, a fiber-optic device to combine two sets of dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) signals
  • Interleaved memory, a technique for improving the speed of access to memory
  • Interleaving (disk storage), a technique for improving the speed of access to blocks on disk storage
  • Interleaved posting, an e-mail posting style
  • Interleaving (bitmaps), a technique for encoding bitmapped images
  • Interleaving the bits of the binary representation of coordinate values to produce a Z-order (curve) for points
  • Interleave sequence, a mathematical sequence formed by interleaving members of two other sequences in alternation
  • Interleaving, a learning technique involving alternating between study of different topics to enhance learning