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eko, formerly known as Interlude, is a media and technology company that enables production and web distribution of selectable, interactive multimedia videos.[1][2][3] It is widely known for the Sony interactive music video for Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone.[4][5] Eko was founded as Interlude in 2010,[1] and rebranded itself in December 2016.[6]


Eko software constructs audiovisual multimedia within which users have selection options for seamlessly streaming choices from a traversable video tree.[7][8][9] This process is explained and exemplified by actual use examples[4][10][11][12] including the interactive video made for Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone.[13] The availability of different video streams allows for a change in viewer perspective[4] or for narrative-branching.[4][10] For example, a decision tree based on 174 individual film segments results in users controlling an extremely large (98,304) number of permutations.[10] This interactivity increases user engagement.[10]

Within industry, companies in the advertising and marketing sectors have used Eko technology.[1][14][15][16] Treehouse, a free HTML5 web-app version of the suite, enables self-authored publishing directly to websites, blogs, Facebook, iOS, and Android.[3][15][17][18]


Eko was founded by Israeli rock musician Yoni Bloch.[1][19] Eko is based in New York and Tel Aviv, and is backed by Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Marker LLC, Innovation Endeavors, Warner Music Group, Sony Pictures, Samsung, and Walmart.[20][19][21]


  • 2013: Yoni Bloch was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for Initiatives and Innovation for Interlude[7]
  • 2014: Best Small Digital Agency[22]
  • 2014: the Sony interactive music video for Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone won four Gold Lions;[23] several sources name it as one of the best music videos of 2013[24][25][26]


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