National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina

National anthem of  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Also known as"Intermeco" (English: "Intermezzo")
MusicDušan Šestić, 1998
Adopted10 February 1998 (de facto)
25 June 1999 (1999-06-25) (de jure)
Preceded by"Jedna si jedina"
Audio sample
"Državna himna Bosne i Hercegovine"

"The National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina" (Serbo-Croatian: Državna himna Bosne i Hercegovine / Државна химна Босне и Херцеговине) is the name of the national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is one of four national anthems in the world (along with Spain, San Marino, and Kosovo) to have no official lyrics.[1][2]


The national anthem was adopted on 25 June 1999, by the promulgation of the Law on the National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina,[3] replacing the previous national anthem, "Jedna si jedina", which was not particularly well-liked the country's Serb and Croat communities.[4] It was in use from 10 February 1998, as the flag and coat of arms.

Bosnian Serb composer Dušan Šestić from Banja Luka composed the melody,[5] to which initially there were no lyrics under the working title "Intermeco" ("Intermezzo"), which is commonly referred to as its title.


Lyrics written by Šestić, the original composer, and Benjamin Isović were proposed in June 2008 accepted by a parliamentary commission in February 2009.[6] The decision still requires approval of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[7] The proposed lyrics do not mention the two administrative entities or the constitutional nations that make up the state and end with the line "We are going into the future, together!".

Lyrics were again proposed in 2016, but those were not approved either.[8] In February 2018, a renewed effort for an adoption of lyrics was initiated.[8][9][10]

Proposed lyrics[edit]

Cyrillic script Latin script English translation

Ти си свјетлост душе
Вјечне ватре плам
Мајко наша земљо Босно
Теби припадам

Ti si svjetlost duše
Vječne vatre plam
Majko naša zemljo Bosno
Tebi pripadam

You're the light of the soul
Eternal fire's flame
Mother of ours, o land of Bosnia
I belong to you

Дивно плаво небо
У срцу су твоје ријеке
Твоје планине

Divno plavo nebo
U srcu su tvoje rijeke
Tvoje planine

The beautiful blue sky
Of Herzegovina
In the heart are your rivers
Your mountains

поносна и славна
Крајина предака
Живјећеш у срцу нашем

Ponosna i slavna
Krajina predaka
Živjećeš u srcu našem

Proud and famous
Land of ancestors
You shall live in our hearts
Ever more

Покољења твоја
Казују једно
𝄆 Ми идемо у будућност
Заједно! 𝄇

Pokoljenja tvoja
Kazuju jedno
𝄆 Mi idemo u budućnost
Zajedno! 𝄇

Generations of yours
Show up as one
𝄆 We go into the future
Together! 𝄇


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