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The Intermountain Power Agency, located in Utah, is a power generating cooperative of 23 municipalities in Utah and 6 in California. It owns the Intermountain Power Plant near Delta, Utah, one of the largest coal-fired power plants in the United States.[1] About 75 percent of the generated power is purchased by cities in southern California and the remainder is purchased by cities, cooperatives and Pacificorp in Utah and a cooperative in Nevada. The IPA also runs transmission lines to Mona, Utah, to Adelanto Converter Station in Adelanto, California and near Ely, Nevada.

Intermountain Power Project from the ground, 2008.
Intermountain Power Project from the air, 2008.

In 2010 the IPA and the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for trying to prevent a third coal-fired unit at the IPP generation site due to carbon dioxide emissions concerns.[2] The plant is scheduled to be converted to natural gas by 2025 at a cost of $500 million.[3]

Cooperative Partners[4][edit]

California Purchasers

Utah Cooperative Purchasers

  • Moon Lake Electric Association, Inc.
  • Mt. Wheeler Power, Inc.
  • Dixie-Escalante Rural Electric Association, Inc.
  • Garkane Power Association, Inc.
  • Bridger Valley Electric Association
  • Flowell Electric Association

Utah Municipal Purchasers

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