Internal Troops of Azerbaijan

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Internal Troops of Azerbaijan
Azərbaycan Respublikası Daxili Qoşunları
Active 12 March 1992 - present
Country  Azerbaijan
Allegiance Azerbaijan

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Azerbaijani Armed Forces
Headquarters Baku
Engagements Nagorno-Karabakh War[citation needed]
General Major Zakir Hasanov[citation needed]

The Internal Troops of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Respublikası Daxili Qoşunları) also known as Interior Troops or Interior Guard[1] is the uniformed gendarmerie-like force in Azerbaijan. Internal Troops are subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan (the police authority of the country)[2] The Internal Troops are the descendent of the Soviet Union's Internal Troops, and are used to deal with internal emergencies such as natural disasters, restoring public order, internal armed conflicts and to safeguard important facilities. During wartime, the Internal Troops fall under the jurisdiction of the Azerbaijani Land Forces and fulfill tasks of local defense and security.[citation needed]

Its equipment includes Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns.

Other law enforcement bodies in Azerbaijan include the Azerbaijani National Guard and the State Border Service and its Coast Guard subcomponent.


File:Aze DQ Qırmızı Bereti.jpeg
Azerbaijani Interior Troops on parade

According to law, the Internal Troops perform the following tasks:

  • Together with other internal affairs bodies in cities and other settlements act to protect the public, ensuring public safety during mass events including:
    • important state and public events, and transportation of important persons;
    • take part in the search and apprehension of intruders into protected areas;
  • To supply the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with personnel to provide protection for storehouses and military bases;
  • To supply the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with personnel to provide help in natural disasters and other similar situations;
  • Aid in preventing mass riots in residential areas;
  • To provide help to prevent mass riots in prisons;
  • To search and apprehend fugitive convicts and arrested persons;
  • If necessary, take part in the defense of the area.

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