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International Spirit Award
Country United States
Created 2012
Founder Boy Scouts of America
Awarded for expanding knowledge of international Scouting
 Scouting portal

The emblem of the International Spirit Award is worn as a temporary patch by both youth and adult leaders in the Boy Scouts of America. The award recognizes those who have broadened their knowledge of international Scouting and increased their appreciation and awareness of different cultures and countries.[1] This award replaces the International Activity Patch (1991-2012).


Requirements for the award vary for Scouters and Scouts of different ages.[2]

International Activity Patch[edit]

International Activity Patch
International Activity Patch.png
Country United States
Created 1991
Defunct 2012
Founder Boy Scouts of America
Awarded for Participation in an international event
 Scouting portal

The International Activity Patch is a former award of the Boy Scouts of America for participation in an international event.[3] Requirements were developed by each council.[4]

The award was a three-inch circular cloth patch worn on the right pocket of the official uniform as a temporary insignia. The emblem is the universal emblem of the BSA encircled by a rope tied in a square knot on a field of blue. The rope and knot are taken from the emblem of the World Scout Emblem, the symbol of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. A five-inch "back patch" for wear on the back of the official jac-shirt and a neckerchief were also available.


The BSA used the World Scout Emblem— called the World Crest in the U.S. —as an award for international activities from 1956 on.[5] Policy was changed in 1991 and the World Crest can now be worn by all members as an emblem of worldwide Scouting. The International Activity Patch replaced the World Crest as an award.

In 2012, the International Activity Patch was replaced by the International Spirit Award with specific requirements for each age level.[6]


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