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International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE), formerly a not-for-profit corporation based in Manhattan, Kansas, was a volunteer-run organization that, among other things, allocated student scholarships through its approved festivals program. Its annual conference was a gathering point for professional artists as well as jazz enthusiasts. Many considered IAJE to be a foundation of the jazz community, and its many programs to be a cornerstone of jazz education.[1]

IAJE was first incorporated as a non-profit on August 18, 1989, having developed from the International Association of Jazz Educators (since 1971) and the U.S. National Association of Jazz Education (since 1968). The association organized more than 7,000 teachers, musicians, producers, and others interested in jazz, from more than thirty countries. They organized a yearly conference, which included numerous musical presentations.

IAJE filed for bankruptcy April 2008, and ceased as a corporation March 15, 2009. The bankruptcy filing was necessitated, in part, because of financial problems stemming from a lack of donations, and losses – notably from the small turnout at the Toronto conference of 2008.[2]

IAJE Jazz Educators Hall of Fame[edit]

Each year the IAJE leadership selected recipients for the Jazz Education Hall of Fame from nominations received from the IAJE membership. The purpose of the Hall of Fame was to honor those individuals whose musical contributions and dedication to jazz education created new directions and curricular innovations for jazz education worldwide.[3][4]

IAJE Humanitarian Award[edit]

Celebrated Humanitarian Award recipients included drummer Ed Thigpen 2007[citation needed] and producer George Avakian 2008.[3][4]

IAJE Jazz Ambassador Award[edit]

The final Jazz Ambassador Award was given to Tom Smith in 2008.[3][4]


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