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The International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA) is a non-governmental organization established as a result of a special meeting held at the UN Office in Vienna on 19–20 April 2006.[1] Its headquarters is in Beijing, China. The main objective of the organization is to promote the effective implementation of the UN Convention Against Corruption, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 30 December 2003, and to assist anti-corruption authorities in the world in fighting against corruption.

The start up of the IAACA was done in Beijing on November 2005. Mr. Ye Feng was the head of the meetings in which Mr David Morrison (from the UK); Mr. Shao Ting (from China) and Mr. Sebastian Sal (from Argentina) drafted the IAACA´s bylaws.

The first General Meeting took place in Beijing in October 2006. More than 100 countries were represented at that time.

The second General Meeting took place in Bali, Indonesia (2007), the third (2008) in Kiev, Ukraine, the fourth in Macao, China (2010), the fifth in Marrakesh, Morocco (2011); the sixth in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2012); the seventh in Panama City, Panama (2013) and the eighth in St, Petersburg, Russia (2015).

The Executive Committee members until the last General Meeting were:

President: Professor Cao Jianming;

Vice Presidents: Dr. Eduardo Vetere, Mr. Fikrat Mammadov, Hon. Tan Sri Hj. Abu Kassim bin Mohamed and Dr. Edward G Hoseah.

Secretary General: Dr. Ye Feng

General Counsel Mr. Bulelani Ngcuka.

Other EC members were Mr. Abdesselam Aboudrar; Mr. Peter J. Ainsworth; Mr. Carlos Higino Ribeiro de Alencar; Dr. Ali Bin Fetais Al-Marri; Mr. Francois Badie.

The Coordinators were Ali Nassir AL-Bualy, Dayanath Jaysuriya, Tony Kwok Man-wai, SBS, David Morrison,FAC MBA OA(Oxon), Richard M.Rogers, Sebastian Sal, Betty Tiyani and Daniel Prefontaine [2]

The International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) is one of IAACA's many partners.


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