International Association of Public Transport

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International Association of Public Transport
Formation 17 August 1885
Type International non-profit association for the promotion of the public transport sector
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
1300 member companies in
92 countries
Official language
English, French, German, and Spanish
Alain Flausch
Website UITP

The International Association of Public Transport (UITP, from the French: L’Union internationale des transports publics) is the organisation for public transport authorities and operators, policy decision-makers, scientific institutes and the public transport supply and service industry. UITP supports a holistic approach to urban mobility and advocates for public transport development and sustainable mobility.


UITP represents an international network of 3,400 members located in 92 countries and covers all modes of public transport – metro,[1] light rail,[2][3] regional and suburban railways, bus,[4] and waterborne transport.[5] It also represents collective transport in a broader sense.

UITP's network counts one main and EU office in Brussels and eleven regional and liaison offices worldwide (Abidjan, Bangalore, Canberra, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Moscow, Rome, São Paulo, and Tehran). The General Secretariat in Brussels is managed by Alain Flausch, former CEO of the STIB the Brussels public transport company; Sir Peter Hendy CBE is the association's President.


  • UITP gathers and analyses facts and figures to provide quantitative and qualitative information on key aspects of public transport and urban mobility.
  • UITP manages an on-line information centre MOBI+, which gives access to the full texts of UITP’s studies and conference papers, as well as references to books, articles and websites. A picture library and statistics on public transport operators are also available.
  • UITP publishes a quarterly magazine Public Transport International (PTI)
  • UITP carries out studies, projects and surveys, the results are regularly made available in high-quality brochures, reports and CD-ROM's.
  • UITP regularly leads projects for international institutions, such as the European Commission. Under the framework of these projects UITP launches and manages thematic networks of mobility experts on public transport policy and organisation.
  • UITP issues Focus Papers, which are official positions of UITP on global mobility issues, representing the views of the sector.
  • UITP actively engages a number of international bodies - such as the United Nations (UNEP, UNDESA, UNFCCC, UNHABITAT), the World Bank and European institutions.
  • UITP provides training courses for public transport managers.
  • UITP collaborates in the Transports Public show, in Paris.
  • UITP organizes a biennial event, the World Congress and Mobility and City Transport Exhibition. The next edition will take place in Milano, Italy from 7 to 10 June 2015.

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