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The International Ball game Confederation (also known as CIJB, in French Confederation Internationale du Jeu de Balle), founded on May 13, 1928, is the organization that manages the common activities of the many ball game deriving from the Jeu de paume.

Local federations that take part in the CIJB are: Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Uruguay. In 2010 England joined the CIJB.

Since every country has developed minor changes, the CIJB set up a variety called International game that shares all the common traits of the direct style (face to face) and another variety for the indirect style (International fronton). That's how every year the Handball International Championships are held: On even years, Europeans, and on odd years, World Championships. England recenetley won the last European championship in 2010.


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