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Joint Stock Company "International Bank of Azerbaijan - Georgia"
JSC Bank "IBA - Georgia"
Native name
აზერბაიჯანის საერთაშორისო ბანკი - საქართველო
Joint-stock company
Industry Consumer and commercial banking
Founded Tbilisi, Georgia (February 26, 2007 (2007-02-26))
Headquarters Tbilisi, Georgia
Area served
Key people
  • Emil Abasbayli, General Director
  • Ali Hakverdiyev, Deputy General Director
Services Currency conversion, money transfers, currency exchange, cash deposit, and credit services
  • Increase 199.3% 2012-2013
  • GELლ 4.3 million (2012)
  • GELლ 1.05 million (2011)
Total assets
  • Increase 56.7% 2012-2013
  • GELლ144.9 million (2013)
  • GELლ92 million (2012)
Total equity GELლ22.7 million (2012)
Parent International Bank of Azerbaijan
Footnotes / references

The International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia ("IBA-Georgia" for short) is a subsidiary bank of the International Bank of Azerbaijan located in Tbilisi, Georgia, founded in 2007.[1] It is one of three Azerbaijani banks operating in Georgia.[6] The bank is a member of the Association of Banks of Georgia.[7]


According to the United States - Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, the bank was founded with 100 percent foreign capital. Initially, $7 million in authorized shares were issued upon the bank's founding.[8] The bank was founded by the International Bank of Azerbaijan (owns 75%), the Azerbaijan Industrial Bank (12.5%), and a private individual (12.5%).[9]

  • 2010: IBA-Georgia began to issue VISA International bank cards.[3]
  • 2011: The bank became a member of the Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe (known as BACEE).[10]
Georgian lari banknotes.
  • 2012: The bank reached an annual growth rate of 71.3 percent. The bank's loan portfolio grew from GEL 57.1 million to GEL 97.7 million between 2011 and 2012.[5] By 2012, the bank had 1,462 corporate and individual customers.[5]
  • 2014: IBA-Georgia increased its net profit by 13 percent over the previous year.[11]


The bank's leadership consists of executive management, the Supervisory Council, and the Board of Directors:

Name Position Group
Ulvi Mansurov Chairman of the Supervisory Council Supervisory Council
Yasin Jalilov Member of the Supervisory Council Supervisory Council
Emil Abasbayli General Director Board of Directors
Tamar Gogolashvili Member of the Board Board of Directors
Shalva Goduadze Chief financial officer Executive Management


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