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The International Best-Dressed Hall of Fame List was founded by fashionista Eleanor Lambert in 1940 as an attempt to boost the reputation of American fashion at the time. The American magazine Vanity Fair is currently in charge of the List after Lambert left the responsibility to "four friends at Vanity Fair" in 2002, a year before her death.[1]

People who have been on the list include:


  • Natividad Abascal, former model, former Duchess of Feria; Madrid (1984).
  • Marella Agnelli, international socialite, philanthropist, co-founder of the Pinacoteca Agnelli art museum, widow of the former Fiat chairman; Turin (1963).
  • Duchess of Alba (Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart), socialite, President of the House of Alba Foundation; Seville (2011)
  • Mme. Hervé Alphand (Nicole), married to the former French ambassador to the U.S.; Paris (1963).
  • Countess Arco (Marie-Beatrice), socialite, businesswoman; Munich and Greenwich, Conn. (2000).
  • Contessa Donatella Asta, Italian representative for the World Monuments Fund; San Marco (1995).
  • Adele Astaire, first dance partner of brother Fred, married to Lord Charles Cavendish; Waterford, Ireland (1975).
  • Mrs. Brooke Astor, philanthropist; New York (1989).
  • Lily Auchincloss, art collector, philanthropist; New York (1980).
    • Irene Bouvier Auchincloss, actress; Los Angeles (1967). (Delete. This is not a real person. The only reference to her existence is an incorrect wikibin article,[2] which erroneously cites her as the one-time wife of: Johnny Weissmuller [2][in the time frame in which he was married to Allene Gates[3]], HRH Prince Sultanzade Abbas of Egypt and Sudan[2] [alive and unmarried in the mentioned time frame[4]], and James Lee Auchincloss[2] [alive and unmarried[5]]; amongst other inaccuracies and falsehoods [she's misrepresented as the daughter of Michelle C. Bouvier Scott Putnam[6]]. The wikibin article and the persona of Irene Bouvier Auchincloss is part of an elaborate Hungarian fraudulent scam[7][8] by a con artist going by the name of Gabriel de Kasa-Hunyady[9][10] [aka. Count Gabriel de Kasa-Hunyady, aka. Gabriel de Saint Nicholas,[11] aka. Gabriel Constantin Zvonimir Maria Italo Reza,[11] aka. Count of Kasa-Hunyady,[9][11] aka. Gabriel, Count St Nicholas,[11] aka.Gábor Kása-Hunyady[12][8]]. The fictional Irene Bouvier Auchincloss can also be found by the following aliases: Ms. Irene Bouvier;[2] Her Serene Highness Princess Irene von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst;[2] Mrs. George Tatar;[2] Mrs. Irene Bouvier Weissmuller;[2] Her Royal Highness Irene, Princess of Egypt and Sudan;[2] Mrs. James Lee Auchincloss.[2] Additionally, there's no mention of Irene Bouvier Auchincloss in any of Vanity Fair's best-dressed hall of fame listings.


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