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International Carnivorous Plant Society
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The International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1972. It is the International Cultivar Registration Authority for carnivorous plants.[1] As of June 2011, the society had around 1400 members.[2] The ICPS publishes a quarterly publication, the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter.

Conservation efforts[edit]

The ICPS has set up the Nepenthes clipeata Survival Project (NcSP) to facilitate ex situ conservation of this species.[3] With only an estimated 15 plants remaining in the wild as of 1995, Nepenthes clipeata is the most endangered of all known tropical pitcher plants.[4] It is estimated that there are only three or four genetically-distinct lines of "white market" (legally collected) plants in cultivation.[3]

The ICPS partially funded the establishment of The Rare Nepenthes Collection, which aims to conserve four of the rarest Nepenthes species: N. aristolochioides, N. clipeata, N. khasiana, and N. rigidifolia.[5]

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