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International Carrom Federation
Founded: October, 1988
Headquarters: Switzerland
President: Josef Meyer
Secretary General: Mohamed Saeed
Website: [1]

The International Carrom Federation (ICF) is the international governing body for the game of carrom. Such an organisation was first proposed in the 1950s, but the ICF was not formed until October 1988, when delegates from India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Malaysia, Germany and Switzerland met in Madras, India, for the first World Carrom Congress, at which the ICF was formed and an international set of rules was adopted.

Management Board[edit]

  • Patron-in-Chief: The Rt. Hon. Lord Paul (UK)
  • Patrons: S. L. Anand (Sri Lanka), Nazir P. Jessa (UK), M. Ahmed Nasir (Maldives)
  • President: Josef Meyer (Switzerland)
  • Vice Presidents: Elisa Martinelli (Italy), Langley Mathiasz (Sri Lanka), Nazrul Islam (UK), Murthaza Khan Zulfi (Pakistan), Mouraly Venou (France), Dohun Bae (Korea), Junaid Ahmed Palak (Bangladesh)
  • Secretary General: Mohamed Saeed (Maldives)
  • Assistant Secretary: Rohini Mathiasz (Sri Lanka), Atul Behave (USA)
  • Treasurer: Ahmed Mubeen (Maldives)
  • Assistant Treasurer: Ashraf Ahmed (Bangladesh)

Affiliates of ICF[edit]

Continental affiliates[edit]

National affiliates[edit]

Other associated organisations[edit]

These organizations are not official affiliates of the ICF, but use ICF rules.

  • Dutch Carrom Federation
  • Korea Carrom Federation
  • Carrom Ass. of New Zealand
  • Saudi Arabia Carrom Federation
  • United Arab Emirates Carrom Association
  • Bahrain Carrom Association
  • Myanmar Carrom Representative
  • Swedish Carrom Association
  • UK Carrom Club
  • Spanish Carrom Contact

Carrom Dron Award[edit]

The Carrom Dron Award is an award presented by the ICF for excellence in the coaching of carrom. The award, which is presented at the Carrom World Cup, comprises a trophy and a necktie. The award was instituted in 2006. India's more general best-sportsperson award is the Arjuna Award; the Carrom Dron, as a coaching-specific award, is named after Dronacharya, the Guru of Arjuna. The award is available to carrom coaches regardless of nationality.

In 2006, the first Carrom Dron was presented to Arun Deshpande of Maharashtra, India, when India won the Carrom World Cup.


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