International Center for Human Development

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International Center for Human Development
Logo of ICHD.png
Abbreviation ICHD
Type Think tank
Legal status Non-governmental organization
Headquarters Yerevan, Armenia
  • Armenia
Region served
Eastern Europe and CIS
Executive Director
Armen Galstyan
Main organ
Board of Trustees

The International Center for Human Development (ICHD) is a think tank and non-governmental organization in Armenia.[1][2][3] It was established in March 2000.[4] ICHD undertakes various projects and activities in the areas of regional integration/ peacebuilding; civil society strengthening; good governance and transparency; economic development; local governance, migration, primary health care; culture.[4]

Since 2007, it is a member of the PASOS network of independent think-tanks in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.[4]

The Global Think Tank Index ranked ICHD among 25 top think tanks in Eastern Europe in 2008[5] and among top 30 in Central and Eastern Europe in 2009.[6]


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