International Centre for Migration Policy Development

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International Centre for Migration Policy Development
Centre international pour le développement des politiques migratoires
ICMPD logo
Abbreviation ICMPD
Formation 1993
Type International Organisation
Headquarters Vienna
Director General
Michael Spindelegger (2016–present)

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) was established by Austria and Switzerland in 1993 and has since grown to 15 member states. ICMPD was founded to carry out research, projects and activities on migration-related issues and to provide policy recommendations to the governmental agencies of states, as well as to external governmental and intergovernmental agencies. ICMPD also has observer status at the United Nations.[1][2] Although ICMPD has global operations, it is primarily focused on the European area and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.[3] ICMPD is currently composed of 15 Member States,[4] around 200 staff members, a mission in Brussels, as well as representatives in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.[5]

Aims and functions[edit]

ICMPD cooperates with governments, other international organisations, research institutes and members of civil society in developing policies in migration-related areas, as well organising trainings, etc. to transfer know-how on dealing with migration issues.[6][7][8]

Organisational structure[edit]

ICMPD Organisational Structure

The ICMPD is composed of four directorates:

  • General Affairs and Research: manages relations with ICMPD member states and partners
  • Human and Financial Resources: is responsible for project monitoring and quality assurance
  • Eastern Dimension and Southern Dimensions: cover the respective regional dialogues and projects via six Competence Centres: Irregular Migration and Return; Trafficking in Human Beings; Border Management and Visa; Asylum; Migration and Development; Legal Migration and Integration.[9]

Member states[edit]

ICMPD Member States

After its founding in 1993 by Austria and Switzerland, it was joined in 1995 by Hungary and then in 1998 by Slovenia. The Czech Republic became a member in 2001, followed by Portugal and Sweden in 2002, Bulgaria and Poland in 2003, Croatia in 2004, Slovakia in 2006 and Romania in 2010. The most recent new member states are Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, both of which joined in 2011 and the Republic of Macedonia in 2012.[10]

List of Secretary Generals[edit]

  • Jonas Widgren (1993–2004)
  • Gottfried Zürcher (2004–2009)
  • Peter Widermann (2010–2014)
  • Michael Spindelegger (2016–present)


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