International Christian Church

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International Christian Church
Friday Campus Devotional.jpg
Friday Campus Devotional at The University of Southern California (2018)
ClassificationChristian, Restorationist, Christian Fundamentalism, Non-Denominational
OrientationWhole Bible, Discipleship
AssociationsMERCYworldwide, UpSideDown21, Discipleship Media, International College of Christian Ministries
FounderKip McKean[1]
Portland, Oregon
Separated fromInternational Churches of Christ

The International Christian Church (ICC) is a restorationist, conservative, fundamentalist, Christian non-denominational church. The church was established by Kip McKean, in 2006 with 800 members in 16 churches.[2]


Kip McKean, the founder of the International Churches of Christ, resigned from that organization in 2003. Three years later, he established the Sold-Out Discipling Movement in Portland, Oregon.[1] Soon after, he started the church in Los Angeles, California, the City of Angels International Christian Church.[1]

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