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International Coffee
World map indicating the member states of the International Coffee Organization.
  ICO exporting members
  ICO importing members
Headquarters United Kingdom London, UK
Official languages
Type Trade bloc
 •  Executive Director Brazil Robério Oliveira Silva
Establishment 1963
Currency Indexed as USD-per-lb

The International Coffee Organization (ICO; established 1963 in London) was initiated in collaboration with the United Nations (UN) to enhance cooperation between nations that consume, distribute and produce coffee.

It was a result of the five-year International Coffee Agreement signed in 1962 at the UN in New York and renegotiated in 1968, 1976, 1983, 1994 and 2007 at the ICO in London.[1] As of July 2015 its 48 members consist of 40 exporting nations, 7 importing nations and 1 importing community (the European Union).[2]

The ICO's highest body is the International Coffee Council, which meets twice a year. The ICO's Private Sector Consultative Board comprises sixteen representatives from coffee consumption and production industries and it also meets biannually, at the same time as the Council.

The ICO's headquarters is located at 22 Berners Street in London and its current Executive Director is the Brazilian Robério Oliveira Silva.

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