International Coin Certification Service

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International Coin Certification Service (ICCS) is a Canadian coin certification company[citation needed] and is located in Toronto, Ontario.[citation needed] ICCS grades most world coins but is particularly known for grading coins of the Canadian dollar.[citation needed]

Coin certification became a requirement in 1986 and the variables attached to selling a coin to a dealer led to collectors getting hurt in the subjective transaction. Companies like ANACS, PCGS and NGC were created in the U.S. and ICCS was created in Canada to service this need to assess a coins condition at arms length from the financial transaction. These companies assign grades reflecting state of preservation.

As these grading services have been around since 1986 all have become defacto standards for the industry. The coins in their holders are sold on sites such as E-Bay and auctions regularly and are done so with high degrees of confidence. One just has to do a search on one of these sites to see the results.

ICCS currently encases coins in a PET film envelope which is sealed in a flip-style envelope is slightly different than its counterparts in the U.S.[citation needed] The ICCS grading certificate is sealed in the other side of the flip.[citation needed] The certificate shows the assigned grade, certification number, and any qualifiers.[citation needed] The company recognizes many major varieties and some minor ones.[citation needed]