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ICB Banking Group
Private:LON: ICB
Industry Banking
Founded 1994
Headquarters Schindellegi, Switzerland
Key people
Tai Terk Lin, Group CEO
Products Financial Services
Revenue Increase After tax: US$9.5 million (2009)
Total assets US$1.32+ billion (2009)[1]
Website http://www.icbankingroup.com

ICB Banking Group also referred to as Swiss Finance Lexomburg AG or ICB Financial Group, but commonly known as International Commercial Bank (ICB), is an International financial services provider based in Schindellegi, Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. The parent company of the group is known as ICB Financial Group Holdings AG whose stock is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol: ICB.[2] As of December 2009, ICB Banking Group was a large financial services provider with total assets in excess of US$1.32 billion and shareholders' equity in excess of US$200 million.[3]


The group began banking operations in 1994 when it was granted a license to operate a bank in Hungary. Since then, the ICB Banking Group has established or acquired commercial banks in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. As of May 2009, the group operates banks in thirteen (13) countries on three (3) continents.

The group began their operations in Africa in 1996 in Ghana and today has a presence in nine (9) African countries. In 2003, the group entered the Asian market by acquiring an indirect stake of 11.3% in Bank Internasional Indonesia, one of the largest banks in Indonesia. Through subsequent acquisitions and start-ups, ICB today operates in three (3) Asian countries.

In 2004, the individual ownerships of the ICB Banking Group were incorporated under the umbrella of ICB Financial Group Holdings AG, a Swiss based holding company. On 17 May 2007, ICB Financial Group Holdings AG was listed on AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. [4]

ICB Bank Malawi was established in 2008.[5] In 2010, ICB Banking Group disposed of its shareholding interest in ICB Islamic Bank in Bangladesh, for a consideration of US$55 million in cash.[6] Also in 2010, ICB Bank Zambia was established.[7]


As of May 2009, ICB has the following operations around the world: [8]






ICB Financial Group Holdings AG is a publicly traded company, listed on the London Stock Exchange, under the symbol: ICB.[9] As of October 2010, the major shareholders are listed in the table below:[10]

ICB Financial Group Holdings AG Stock Ownership
Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 Che Abdul Daim bin Haji Zainuddin 61.3
2 Panhelligan Investments Limited 13.1
3 Oberlae Limited 09.9
2 Raikleigh Capital Advisers Limited 09.9
4 Swiss Finance Lexomburg AG (Rany Cortez) 05.8
Total 100.0

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