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International Commission of Agricultural Engineering - CIGR (Commission Internationale du Genie Rural) founded in 1930 in Liège, Belgium, is the highest non-governmental world organisation in the field. Its membership includes American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering (AAAE), European Society of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng), Latin American and Caribbean Association of Agricultural Engineering (ALIA), South and East African Society of Agricultural Engineering (SEASAE), Euro Asian Association of Agricultural Engineers (EAAAE), Association of Agricultural Engineers of South-Eastern Europe (AAESEE), and many national societies.

Aims of CIGR[edit]

The main missions of CIGR are to

  • stimulate the development of science and technology in the field of Agricultural Engineering,
  • encourage education, training and mobility of young professionals,
  • encourage interregional mobility,
  • facilitate the exchange of research results and technology,
  • represent the profession at a worldwide level,
  • work towards the establishment of new associations, both at national and regional level, and to the strengthening of existing ones, and to
  • perform any other activity that will help to develop Agricultural Engineering and allied sciences.

CIGR Structure[edit]

The structure of CIGR is divided by seven technical Sections and various working groups. Each technical Section is charged with promoting and developing its respective field of science and technology as it relates to agricultural engineering. The CIGR Working Groups are appointed by the Executive Board to carry out studies on specific subjects of international importance and interest.

  • CIGR Technical Sections:
  • CIGR Working Groups:
    • Earth Observation for Land and Water Engineering Working Group
    • Animal Housing in Hot Climate Working Group
    • Rural Development and the Preservation of Cultural Heritages Working Group
    • Cattle Housing Working Group
    • Agricultural Engineering University Curricula Harmonization Working Group
    • Rural Landscape Protection and Valorisation Working Group
    • Image Analysis for Agricultural Processes and Products Working Group

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