International Committee of Architectural Critics

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International Committee of Architectural Critics
Abbreviation CICA
Formation October 26, 1978
Type NPO
Purpose architecture criticism
Headquarters Paris
Prof Joseph Rykwert, United States
Parent organization
International Union of Architects

The International Committee of Architectural Critics (French: Comité International des Critiques d'Architecture, Spanish: Comité Internacional de Críticos de Arquitectura - CICA) is a non-profit organization of international architecture critics, and was founded in Mexico City on October 26, 1978, during the 13th World Kongress of the Union internationale des architectes (UIA). The CICA is headquartered nearby the UIA in Paris. Paris was also the residence of Pierre Vago, who was head of the organization for years. The seat of the secretary was originally located in Buenos Aires, residence of Jorge Glusberg, but can be transferred per decret to any other place worldwide according to the residence of the chairmen.

Founding members of the CICA were Pierre Vago, Bruno Zevi, Max Blumenthal, Mildred Schmertz, Blake Huges, Jorge Glusberg, Louise Noëlle Gras de Mereles, Julius Posener and others.

CICA awards[edit]

All awards of the association were originally called CICA Award. Since 2003 they have been named after the foundation members. The CICA Book Award was the first award of the CICA and was awarded at the 14th UIA World Congress in 1981.

CICA special awards were awarded to the China Architecture & Building Press (CABP) and to Springer-Verlag for the "World Architecture: A Critical Mosaic 1900-2000" series.

Selected prize winners in alphabetical order


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