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Not to be confused with the International Computation Centre created by UNESCO in 1951 and later transformed into the Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics.

The United Nations International Computing Centre (ICC) was established in 1971 by a Memorandum of Agreement among the United Nations (UN), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Health Organization (WHO), pursuant to resolution 2741 (XXV) of the United Nations General Assembly. It was created as an inter-organization facility to provide electronic data processing services for themselves and other Users.

Initially, ICC functioned as a Service Bureau providing mainframe services to a limited number of users. Over the years, ICC has broadened the range of services to include internet hosting, managed storage and other services. ICC now has over 200 staff and has expanded to include 25 participating organisations.

The ICC Headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland with other offices in New York City, USA, Brindisi, Italy and Valencia, Spain.

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