International Conference on Radiation Effects in Insulators

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Radiation Effects in Insulators (REI) is a long-running international conference series dedicated to basic and applied scientific research relating to radiation effects in insulators and non-metallic materials. It is held every second year in locations around the world.

The REI conference has a long history.[1] Since the first conference was held in 1981, REI has been the international forum to present and discuss the latest achievements in the field of insulating materials modification through different kind of radiation (ions, electrons, neutrons...). The conference regularly attracts about 200 attendees[1]

Topics covered[edit]

The REI conference covers a wide range of topics including the following.

Atomistic and Collective Processes of Radiation Effects[edit]

  • Fundamental knowledge on atomistic and electronic defect production and stability
  • Irradiation-induced microstructural evolution and material modifications
  • Fundamentals, theory and computer simulations
  • Advances in defect and material characterization
  • Radiation response of nanomaterials
  • Swift heavy ion irradiations
  • Neutron irradiations
  • Laser-solid interactions
  • Electron-solid interactions

Irradiated Materials[edit]

  • Simple and complex oxides
  • Carbides and nitrides
  • Polymers
  • Ionic crystals
  • Semiconductor and scintillator materials
  • Glasses and silica
  • Carbon-based materials
  • Nanocomposites and nanostructured materials


  • Nuclear materials: fission, fusion and waste forms
  • Functional nanocomposites
  • Photonic, bio-medicine and sensing materials
  • Micro- and nano-patterning
  • Materials processing with swift heavy ions and cluster beams


The proceedings of REI-1 (1981) and REI-3 (1985) were published in the peer-reviewed journal Radiation Effects, renamed Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids in 1989. The proceedings of REI-1 are found in volume 64 [issues 1-4] and volume 65 [issues 1-4] of this journal. The proceedings of REI-3 are found in volume 97 [issues 3-4], volume 98 [issues 1-4], and volume 99 [issues 1-4] of this journal.

The proceedings of REI-2 (1983) and every REI conference since REI-4 (1987) have been published in the peer-reviewed Elsevier journal Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B. These REI proceedings can be found in the following volumes of this journal: REI-2 (vol. 1), REI-4 (vol. 32), REI-5 (vol. 46), REI-6 (vol. 65), REI-7 (vol. 91), REI-8 (vol. 116), REI-9 (vol.141), REI-10 (vol. 166-167), REI-11 (vol. 191), REI-12 (vol. 218), REI-13 (vol. 250), REI-14 (vol. 266), REI-15 (vol. 268), and REI-16 (vol. 286).

REI conferences held[edit]

The complete list of REI conferences held up to 2013 is as follows. The chairmen for the conferences prior to 2009 are taken from the list of proceedings editors in[1]

Conference Year Location Chairpersons Invited speakers
REI-1 1981 Arco, Italy Paolo Mazzoldi, Kurt Roessler
REI-2 1983 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA George W. Arnold, James A. Borders
REI-3 1985 Guildford, UK Ian H. Wilson, Jeffrey Belson
REI-4 1987 Lyon, France Paul Thevenard, Alain Perez
REI-5 1989 Hamilton, Canada John A. Davies, David A. Thompson
REI-6 1991 Weimar, Germany Gerhard Götz
REI-7 1993 Nagoya, Japan Noriaki Itoh, Katsumi Tanimura
REI-8 1995 Catania, Italy Gaetano Foti, Orazio Puglisi
REI-9 1997 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA Carl J. McHargue, William J. Weber
REI-10 1999 Jena, Germany Werner Wesch, Gerhard K. Wolf
REI-11 2001 Lisbon, Portugal Eduardo Alves, Carl J. McHargue
REI-12 2003 Gramado, Brazil Livio Amaral, Moni Behar, Fernando C. Zawislak
REI-13 2005 Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Kurt E. Sickafus, William J. Weber, Blas P. Uberuaga
REI-14 2007 Caen, France Abdenacer Benyagoub, Lionel Thomé, Marcel Toulemonde, Patrick Trocellier F. Aumayr, Y. Zhang, C. Stanek, K. Yasuda, R. Baragiola, A. Quaranta, J. Wrachtrup, D. Kanjilal
REI-15 2009 Padova, Italy Giovanni Mattei, Paolo Mazzoldi, Giancarlo Battaglin P. Mazzoldi, M. Toulemonde, H. Bernas, R. Devanathan, M. Lang, R. Brusa, P. Kluth, F. Chen, D. K. Avasthi, N. Kishimoto, F. Garrido
REI-16 2011 Beijing, China Yugang Wang, Yanwen Zhang, William J. Weber A. Lushchik, F. Djurabekova, L. Skuja, P. D. Townsend, J. Liu, S. J. Zinkle, Lumin Wang
REI-17 2013 Helsinki, Finland Kai Nordlund, Flyura Djurabekova, Jyrki Räisänen, Timo Sajavaara

Jan Meijer, Ricardo Papaléo, Jose Olivares, Olli Pakarinen, Patrick Kluth, Marika Schleberger, Orazio Puglisi, Izabela Szlufarska, Yugang Wang, Jiro Matsuo, Kostya Trachenko, Aurelien Debelle, Shengqiang Zhou, Giancarlo Rizza

REI-18 2015 Jaipur, India Devesh K. Avasthi -
REI-19 2017 Versailles, France Gael Sattonay Jacek Jagielski, Cameron Tracy, Wolfgang Bolse, Maria Eugenia Toimil Molares, Jacques O'Connell, Ambuj Tripathi, Katharina Lorenz, Andreas Wucher, Patrick Simon, Tetsuya Yamaki, Feng Chen, Samuel Murphy, A. I. Popov, Sandrine Miro
REI-20 2019 Astana, Kazakhstan


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