International Conference on Software Engineering

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International Conference on Software Engineering
Abbreviation ICSE
Discipline software engineering
Publication details
Publisher ACM and IEEE Computer Society
History 1975–
Frequency annual

The International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), is one of the largest annual software engineering conferences. It has an 'A*' rating in the Rankings of the Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia (CORE) and an 'A1' rating from the Brazilian ministry of education.[1] Furthermore, it is the software engineering conference with the highest Microsoft Academic field rating.[2] The first ICSE conference was in 1975 in Washington DC.[3]

List of Conferences[edit]

Past and future ICSE conferences include:[3]

Year Conference City Country General Chair(s) Notes
2017 ICSE 39 Buenos Aires Argentina Argentina Sebastián Uchitel
2016 ICSE 38 Austin United States USA Laura K. Dillon
2015 ICSE 37 Florence Italy Italy Antonia Bertolino
2014 ICSE 36 Hyderabad India India Pankaj Jalote
2013 ICSE 35 San Francisco United States USA David Notkin
2012 ICSE 34 Zurich Switzerland Switzerland Martin Glinz
2011 ICSE 33 Honolulu United States USA Richard Taylor
2010 ICSE 32 Cape Town South Africa South Africa Judith Bishop & Jeff Kramer
2009 ICSE 31 Vancouver Canada Canada Stephen Fickas
2008 ICSE 30 Leipzig Germany Germany Wilhelm Schäfer
2007 ICSE 29 Minneapolis United States USA John Knight
2006 ICSE 28 Shanghai China China Leon Osterweil
2005 ICSE 27 St. Louis United States USA Gruia-Catalin Roman
2004 ICSE 26 Edinburgh United Kingdom UK Anthony Finkelstein
2003 ICSE 25 Portland United States USA Lori Clarke
2002 ICSE 24 Orlando United States USA Will Tracz
2001 ICSE 23 Toronto Canada Canada Hausi A. Müller
2000 ICSE 22 Limerick Republic of Ireland Ireland Carlo Ghezzi
1999 ICSE 21 Los Angeles United States USA Barry Boehm
1998 ICSE 20 Kyoto Japan Japan Koji Torii
1997 ICSE 19 Boston United States USA W. Richards Adrion
1996 ICSE 18 Berlin Germany Germany Dieter Rombach (de)
1995 ICSE 17 Seattle United States USA Dewayne Perry
1994 ICSE 16 Sorrento Italy Italy Bruno Fadini
1993 ICSE 15 Baltimore United States USA Victor R. Basili
1992 ICSE 14 Melbourne Australia Australia Tony Montgomery
1991 ICSE 13 Austin United States USA Les Belady
1990 ICSE 12 Nice France France François-Regis Valette
1989 ICSE 11 Pittsburgh United States USA Larry Druffel
1988 ICSE 10 Raffles City Singapore Singapore Tan Chin Nam
1987 ICSE 9 Monterey United States USA William E. Riddle
1985 ICSE 8 London United Kingdom UK Manny M. Lehman
1984 ICSE 7 Orlando United States USA T. Straeter
1982 ICSE 6 Tokyo Japan Japan Yutaka Ohno, Koji Kobayashi, Raymond T. Yeh
1981 ICSE 5 San Diego United States USA Seymour Jeffrey
1979 ICSE 4 Munich Germany Germany Friedrich (Fritz) L. Bauer Sponsors: ACM SIGSOFT, European Research Office (ERO), Gesellschaft für Informatik, and IEEE Computer Society.
1978 ICSE 3 Atlanta United States USA Maurice V. Wilkes Sponsors: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE Computer Society, and National Bureau of Standards.
1976 ICSE 2 San Francisco United States USA Raymond T. Yeh The conference was renamed to 2nd International Conference on Software Engineering and was sponsored by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE Computer Society, and National Bureau of Standards.
1975 NCSE 1 Washington United States USA Harlan Mills, Dennis Fife The first conference was called 1st National Conference on Software Engineering and was sponsored by National Bureau of Standards and IEEE Computer Society.


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