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United States International Cooperation Administration
Agency overview
Formed June 30, 1955
Preceding agency
Dissolved September 4, 1961
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction United States Government
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
Child agency
  • Institute of Inter-American Affairs

The International Cooperation Administration (ICA) was a United States government agency operating from June 30, 1955 until September 4, 1961, responsible for foreign assistance and 'nonmilitary security' programs. It was the predecessor of the present-day U.S. Agency for International Development.


The International Cooperation Administration (ICA) was established by the U.S. State Department Delegation of Authority 85, from June 30, 1955, pursuant to EO 10610, May 9, 1955. Its predecessor was the Foreign Operations Administration (FOA) founded in 1953. Both organizations coordinated foreign assistance operations and conducted all nonmilitary security programs for the United States. On September 4, 1961 the ICA was abolished by act of Congress (75 Stat. 446) and all functions were transferred to U.S. Agency for International Development.[1] [2][3]

The ICA consisted of several departments or agencies organized by region. They included the Institute of Inter-American Affairs.

Historical records[edit]

Historical records from the 'Office of Participant Training', including those pertaining to the organization of third-country training in Europe (1951-61) still exist, as do US Mission to NATO and European Regional Organizations (USRO) reports of third-country training in Europe (1956-60).

Examples of surviving film reports include "Report to the American People on Technical Cooperation" (1955), showing U.S. assistance to Afghanistan, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Indochina, Indonesia, Libya, Paraguay, Sudan, and Thailand, and "Strength for Peace" (1955), describing U.S. military assistance programs and cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Southeast Treaty Organization and Rio Pact countries.


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