International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education

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International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education
Abbreviation ICSSPE/CIEPSS
Formation 1958; 59 years ago (1958)
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Margaret Talbot  United Kingdom

The International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (French: Conseil International pour l'Education Physique et la Science du Sport) is an organization based in Berlin, Germany which originated in Paris, France in 1958.

Its membership consists of government organizations and NGOs that are responsible for sport, sport science, physical education, and sport and recreation in their countries; international sport federations; international organizations in sport science, physical education, recreation, and sport; and research institutes and schools in physical education and sport science.

ICSSPE is recognized as a Formal Associate of UNESCO,[1] is a "Recognized International Organization",[2] by the IOC and collaborates with WHO [3] on major projects.

ICSSPE's fundamental objectives are:[4]

  • To encourage international co-operation in the field of sport science;
  • To promote, stimulate and co-ordinate scientific research in the field of physical activity, physical education and sport throughout the world and to support the application of its results in various practical areas of sport;
  • To make scientific knowledge of sport and practical experiences available to all interested national and international organizations and institutions, especially to those in developing countries;
  • To facilitate differentiation in sport science whilst promoting the integration of the various branches;
  • To support and implement initiatives with aims similar to those pursued by itself and initiated or developed by any other appropriate agency or organization in the field.

The current President of ICSSPE is Prof. Dr. Margaret Talbot.[5]

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