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International Culture and Language School (Also known as The Tutoring Center of Orange County) is sponsored by the non-profit organization, Peace Centered Education Society (PCES), and the focus of this school is on hands-on community based learning. The school primarily teaches English as a second language (ESL) and foreign language studies at the literacy and tutoring center located in Garden Grove, Orange County. Some classes that are offered are English pronunciation and conversation, professional business English, American and international culture, TOEFL and SAT test preparation. Students also enjoy a complete cultural immersion opportunity by participating in local environmental community service projects.

The students at ICLS have become well known by the Orange County Regional Parks staff, as they often help maintain the hiking trails as part of the Adopt-A-Park program. Hands-on learning allows the English language learners to feel that they are a part of the community by working side by side with other American volunteers taking care of nature and our environment. The innovative curriculum at ICLS heavily emphasizes cultural immersion and exchange by facilitating educational field trips and by creating ‘real-world’ experiential learning opportunities in effort to establish a steady flow of global citizens. Everyone in the Orange County California area can participate as a student, conversation partner, volunteer or an intern. This non-profit group seeks to establish greater harmony in the community.


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