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International Daily News (Chinese: 國際日報; pinyin: guójì rìbào) is a major Chinese-language newspaper in North America and Indonesia. Launched in 1981 in the city of Monterey Park, California and owned by Indonesian tycoon Ted Sioeng (aka Xiong Delong), it is sold in several major Chinatowns.

In contrast to its competitor, the World Journal, the International Daily News appeals to mainland Chinese immigrants in North America due to its much less hostile attitude toward mainland China/Chinese (although in the mid/late-1990's, the World Journal significantly moderated its anti-China line). Li Yapin (李亚频), a Chinese American businesswoman and the owner/publisher of International Daily News was jailed by the Taiwanese government under the Kuomintang regime on 17 September 1985 during a visit to Taiwan, charged with spreading propaganda for the Communist government, partially because the paper used simplified Chinese characters adopted by the Communist regime. Li was eventually released nine days later, under strong pressure from the United States government.

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