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The 1st International Diamond Cut Conference, held in Moscow Russia, April 23–26, 2004, brought industry leaders together to discuss diamond cut, the factor where human intervention has the most influence, yet the least understood and hardest to evaluate.

The conference was hosted by Dr. Yuri Shelementiev, Sergey Sivovolenko, Garry Holloway and Janak Mistry.

Diamond cutters, grading laboratories, retailers and technology developers gathered to observe and participate in presentations and poster sessions. Topics covered included standardization of different cut grading systems; the grading of symmetry and proportion effects on cut quality; modern technologies and their application for gemology, manufacturers and the trade; and new software for generation of new and more effective cuts.

Speakers included diamond cutters Maarten DeWitte, Brian Gavin and Gabi Tolkowsky; American Gem Society representatives James Caudill and Peter Yantzer; technology developers Garry Holloway, Udi Lederer, Janak Mistry, Yuri Shelmentiev and Sergey Sivovolenko, Octonus; and researchers V.K. Baranov, A.M. Bocharov, Michael Cowing, A.G. Golubinsky, Bruce Harding, R.I. Ilkaev, Y.N. Rebrik, Dr. Jose Sasian, M.A. Shkadov and Iiro Suokko.

The Second International Diamond Cut Conference, planned to take place in Lausanne Switzerland in March 2009, will now be rescheduled for a future date: The budgetary and travel restrictions imposed by the worldwide economic crisis caused this postponement.

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