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International DuraStar
Manufacturer Navistar International
Also called International 4000 Series
Production 2002-present
Body and chassis
Class Class 5 & 6
Body style


  • Tractor
  • Straight truck


  • Cowled chassis
  • Cutaway cab
Layout Conventional 4x2
Conventional 6x4
Related International 3300
International RXT
International WorkStar
Ford F-650/F-750
Engine Diesel
Transmission Manual
Wheelbase 128–254 inches (3,251–6,452 mm)
Predecessor International 4000 Series (1989)

The International DuraStar, originally introduced as the International 4000 Series, is a medium-duty truck produced by Navistar International. First produced in 2002, it is the successor to the 4000 Series of the 1990s.

It is available in three variants, which are built on the same chassis. They differ in engines, drivetrains, brakes, and cargo capacity. It is a popular commercial platform used in a wide variety of applications, such as emergency services, towing, flatbed truck and as a cargo box truck. Variants of the Durastar are commonly used as a platform for both school buses and commercial buses. The DuraStar cab is much higher off the frame than the 4400 series cab to accommodate larger radiator and engine combinations and is branded DuraStar on the doors, where the 4400 / 4300 series is marked as the 4400 or 4300, respectively. The WorkStar and DuraStar share a very similar layout, although the WorkStar is strictly a Vocational chassis. The WorkStar and DuraStar are in the class 5 / 6 (4300 / 4400) and Heavy 7 / Baby 8 (7600 series) categories from yesteryear. Although this designation is no longer used in the truck manufacturing business. The 4400 designation is still used on the 2014 class 5 / 6 trucks. The 4400 is available with the Cummins ISB6.7 and Maxxforce 7 and the Maxxforce9 is available. The WorkStar is available with the DT466 through Maxxforce 13.

Current variants[edit]


A DuraStar serving as a cabin service truck at an airport

The 4100 model has a wheelbase from 140 in to 217 in, is powered by an International VT 365 and uses hydraulic brakes. It comes with an Allison 1000 HS/RDS 6-speed automatic transmission or a Fuller 6-speed manual. Its front axle capacity is 7,300 lb (3,310 kg). Rear axle capacity is 10,500 lb (4,760 kg) standard, 12,200 lb (5,530 kg) optional.[1]


The 4300 model has a wheelbase from 128 in to 254 in, is powered by an International DT466 and uses either hydraulic or air brakes. It comes with Fuller 6 or 7-speed manual transmissions or Allison 2000 and 3000 Series automatic transmissions. Its front axle capacity is 8000-14000 lb. Rear axle capacity is 12,200-23,000 lb.[2]


The 4400 model has a wheelbase from 140 in to 254 in, is powered by an International DT570 / Maxxforce 9[3] and uses air brakes. Transmissions include Fuller 6, 7, or 10-speed manuals, or Allison Vocational 3000 or 3500 Series automatics. Its front axle capacity is 8,000-14,000 lb. Rear single axle capacity is 13,500-26,000 lb.[4]

The 4400 is also available as a tractor.[5]


The 4300 and 4400 are also available in Lo-Profile configurations, with a lower platform for easier cab and loadbed access. They differ in axle capacity as follows:[6][7]

  • Front- 8,000 - 9,000 lb (4,100 kg)
  • Rear- 12,200 - 19,000 lb (8,600 kg)
  • Front- 8,000 - 19,000 lb (8,600 kg)
  • Rear- 13,500 - 19,000 lb (8,600 kg)


Main article: International 3300

Like the 4000-series before it, the DuraStar serves as a popular platform for bus manufacturers.

International 3200
Panoramic bus
  • The 3300 is sold as a cowled chassis, intended primarily for conventional-type (type C) school buses, also available with Maxxforce7 and MaxxforceDT engines until 2015 and now uses Cummins diesel and Power Solutions International propane engines.


International Durastar Engines
Engine Name Engine Type Horsepower Torque Availability
MaxxForce 7
6.0L V8 (VT365)
6.4L V8 (MaxxForce 7)
200-230HP 560 lbf ft to 620 lbf ft. 3200, 3300, 4100, 4300
MaxxForce DT/DT466 7.6L inline-6 210-255 hp 560 lbf ft to 660 lbf ft 3300, 4300, 4400
MaxxForce 9 9.3L inline-6 225-300 hp 620 lbf ft to 860 lbf ft 4400

Hybrid trucks[edit]

In 2007, Navistar's International Truck and Engine Corporation became the first company to enter hybrid commercial truck production, with the International DuraStar Hybrid diesel-electric truck. International Truck and Engine teamed with the Hybrid Truck Users Forum (HTUF), a consortium of utility industry customers, Eaton Corporation, the US Federal Government and the Calstart organization to assist with the cost of bringing the technology to market. It also provides direct customer feedback and support.[8]


The consumer version of the DuraStar is manufactured by Midwest Automotive Designs, which is a manufacturer based in Elkhart in Indiana that produces conversions of class 5 and 6 commercial trucks conversions as luxury consumer vehicles. The company makes a pickup truck model of the DuraStar, called the DuraStar Hauler.[9]

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