International Emmy Award for Best Actor

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International Emmy Award for Best Actor
Awarded for Best Performance by an Actor
Country United States
Presented by International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
First awarded 2005
Currently held by Dustin Hoffman,
Roald Dahl's Esio Trot (2016)

The International Emmy Award for Best Performance by an Actor is a category of the International Emmy Awards, held since 2005 and which awards actors outside the United States.

The first actor awarded the International Emmy was Frenchman Thierry Frémont for her performance in the television movie Dans la tête du tueur. In 2006, the British Ray Winstone was awarded the statuette for his role as Vincent Gallagher in Vincent, an ITV drama seriesseries. At the 2007 awards ceremony, the British Jim Broadbent won the award with the Dutch Pierre Bokma.

David Suchet won the Emmy in 2008 for his performance as Robert Maxwell in Maxwell, a telefilm directed by Colin Barr. In 2009, Ben Whishaw was awarded for his role in Criminal Justice, a British television drama series produced by the BBC and first shown in 2008.

In 2010, the award winning Bob Hoskins won the International Emmy for his performance in The Street, a British television drama series created by Jimmy McGovern and directed by David Blair. This was the penultimate work of Hoskins on TV.

Christopher Eccleston won the award the following year for his role in Accused, a television anthology series created by Jimmy McGovern. In 2012, Darío Grandinetti became the first actor in Latin America awarded an Emmy Award.

Sean Bean won in 2013 for his work in BBC One drama series Accused. In 2014, Stephen Dillane wins for his role as a veteran British detective in the Anglo-French crime drama The Tunnel.

In 2016, Dustin Hoffman snagged the best actor award for playing Mr. Hoppy in the BBC's Roald Dahl's Esio Trot, an adaptation of the Dahl novel.[1]

Rules & Regulations[edit]

Best Performance by an Actor: A male individual’s performance in a made-fortelevision fiction program (i.e. movie, mini-series, drama series, Telenovela, or comedy series).[2]

  • Only performances from a program entered into the competition are eligible.
  • The same performer may be submitted for different productions, as separate submissions.
  • More than one male performance from the same production may be submitted.
  • The performer must appear in at least 10% of the total running time of the submitted episode in order to be eligible.
  • If the performance is part of a series, only one (1) episode that had its first broadcast within the eligibility dates listed in Section I - Eligibility.


Year Winner Program Country Result
2005[3] Thierry Frémont Dans la tête du tueur  France Won
David Walliams for Little Britain  United Kingdom Nominated
Douglas Silva for Cidade dos Homens  Brazil Nominated
Rhys Ifans for Not Only But Always  Wales Nominated
2006[4] Ray Winstone Vincent  United Kingdom Won
Bernard Farcy for Le Grand Charles  France Nominated
Bernard Hill for A Very Social Secretary  United Kingdom Nominated
Lin Shen for The Confession of Feng Qi  People's Republic of China Nominated
2007[5] Pierre Bokma (tie) De uitverkorene  Netherlands Won
Jim Broadbent (tie) The Street  United Kingdom Won
Bobby Au-yeung for Dicey Business  Hong Kong Nominated
Lázaro Ramos for Cobras & Lagartos  Brazil Nominated
2008[6] David Suchet Maxwell  United Kingdom Won
Pedro Cardoso for A Grande Família  Brazil Nominated
Karl Markovics for Franz Fuchs – A Patriot  Austria Nominated
Wang Chengyang for Thei-Go King and His Son  People's Republic of China Nominated
2009[7] Ben Whishaw Criminal Justice  United Kingdom Won
Oscar Olivares for Capadocia  Mexico Nominated
Robert de Hoog for Skin  Netherlands Nominated
Li Chen (李晨) for Ultimate Rescue  People's Republic of China Nominated
2010[8] Bob Hoskins The Street  United Kingdom Won
Sebastian Koch for Sea Wolf  Germany Nominated
Sid Lucero for Dahil May Isang Ikaw  Philippines Nominated
Leonardo Sbaraglia for Epitafios  Argentina Nominated
2011[9] Christopher Eccleston Accused  United Kingdom Won
Fábio Assunção for Dalva e Herivelto: uma Canção de Amor  Brazil Nominated
Jang Hyuk for The Slave Hunters  South Korea Nominated
Michael Nyqvist for Millennium  Sweden Nominated
2012[10] Darío Grandinetti Televisión por la inclusión  Argentina Won
Arthur Acuña for The Kitchen Musical  Singapore Nominated
Jason Isaacs for Case Histories  United Kingdom Nominated
Stein Winge for Norwegian Cozy  Norway Nominated
Zhu Yawen for Flying Eagle  People's Republic of China Nominated
2013[11] Sean Bean Accused  United Kingdom Won
Heino Ferch for Anatomy of Revenge  Germany Nominated
Marcos Palmeira for Mandrake  Brazil Nominated
Shinichi Tsutsumi for Yasu - A Single Father's Story  Japan Nominated
2014[12] Stephen Dillane The Tunnel  United Kingdom Won
Claude Legault for 19-2  Canada Nominated
Pablo Rago for Santos y pecadores  Argentina Nominated
Xiubo Wu for The Orphan of Zhao  People's Republic of China Nominated
2015[13] Maarten Heijmans Ramses  Netherlands Won
Engin Akyurek for Kara Para Aşk  Turkey Nominated
Emílio de Mello for Psi  Brazil Nominated
Rafe Spall for Black Mirror  United Kingdom Nominated
2016 Dustin Hoffman Roald Dahl's Esio Trot  United Kingdom Won
Alexandre Nero for Rules of The Game  Brazil Nominated
Florian Stetter for Naked Among Wolves  Germany Nominated
James Wen for Echoes of Time  Singapore Nominated


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