International Energy Mining Industry Limited

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International Energy Mining Industry Limited
Industry Mining
Founded 2004
Headquarters Hong Kong
Products Coal, Iron Ore, Nickel Ore and other minerals
Services Minerals trading
Website Official Website

International Energy Mining Industry Limited (simplified Chinese: 国际能源矿业公司; traditional Chinese: 國際能源礦業公司) (short form:IEM ) registered in Hong Kong in 2004. It engages in coal, nickel ore, iron ore and other mineral resources business. Its supplier has set up an operation office in Surabaya, Indonesia and owned several mines in Kalimantan Island.

IEM is one of the very few traders, which entered the China market in the early stage. Nowadays,it provides many power plants and some stated-owned enterprises in China with Envirocoal.

Apart from mineral products, IEM provides transportation from the mine to port and from the port to other countries.

Port: Muara Satui

3”56”40 South Latitude

115”31”45 East Longitude

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