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The International Federation of Broomball Associations (IFBA), formally established in 1998,[1] is the world governing body for the sport of broomball.

Based in Canada, the IFBA is responsible for promoting the sport globally, organising the biennial World Broomball Championships. It also administers the sport's official rulebook and coaching and officiating programs.

Executive committee[edit]

The day-to-day operations of the IFBA are run by the Executive Committee, a body of individuals elected by the sport's global representatives.

The current Executive Committee is:[2]

  • President/CEO: Rick Przybysz (Canada)
  • Vice-President (Operations): Marc Desparois (Canada)
  • Vice-President (Technical): Conrad Morneau (Canada)
  • General Secretary: Pat Cunningham (United States of America)
  • Referee-in-Chief: Dave MacFeely (Canada)

Additionally there is a Board of Governors which meets on a timely basis. The Board of Governors is made up of representatives from each officially recognised member country of the IFBA.

Countries recognised by IFBA[edit]

The following countries have broomball programs recognised by IFBA, though they may not necessarily be members of the international body.



Asia & Oceania[edit]

Expansion countries[edit]

In addition there are a number of countries that the IFBA is looking to take the game to, including:

World championships[edit]

The IFBA is responsible for delivering the World Broomball Championships (also referred to by its former name, the Challenge Cup, held biennially (every two years) in various host cities. As the vast majority of broomball players and teams are based in North America, most of the championships to date have been held in North American cities. However the 1998 version was held in Bolzano, Italy, and the 2010 version was held in Innsbruck and Telfs, Austria.

The 2012 World Championships saw teams enter from Canada, United States, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and Australia. Previously teams representing Finland, Sweden, Germany, and have also taken part.

World champions[edit]

The first World Championships (then known as the Challenge Cup) were held in Victoria, British Columbia in 1991, and were attended by over 800 athletes and 44 teams [1]. The most recent event, held in Ottawa Valley, Ontario, was the tenth edition of the championships.

The World Championships are not held between national teams but are contested among club teams. There are different divistions, WC = World Cup Division (top division); CC = Challenge Cup Division (second division); NAC = North American Cup (third division).


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