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International Federation of Muaythai Associations

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International Federation of Muaythai Associations
SportMuay Thai
CategoryCombat sport
Membership140 national associations[1]
Founded1993 (1993)
AffiliationAssociation of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations
Affiliation date6 December 2016
HeadquartersBangkok, Thailand
Lausanne, Switzerland
PresidentSakchye Tapsuwan
SecretaryStephan Fox
Official website

The International Federation of Muaythai Associations, or IFMA, called the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur until 27 July 2019, is a sport governing body of amateur and professional Muay Thai and Muay boran consisting of 140 member countries worldwide with 5 continental federations after unification of International Federation of Muaythai Amateur and World Muaythai Council. IFMA is officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF),[2] the Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations (ARISF), the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA),[3] World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)[4] International World Games Association (IWGA),[5] and Trim and Fitness International Sport for All Association (TAFISA).[6] Muaythai has been included in many official sport programs such as the World Games, World Combat Games, Arafura Games, TAFISA Games, SEA Games, Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, Asian Beach Games,[7] Demonstration Sport in the Asian Games.



The International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) was officially inaugurated in 1993 as the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur, a small federation with several enthusiastic member countries. IFMA has grown to 128 member countries worldwide with 5 continental federations under a single, unified regulatory body. In 1998, IFMA was formally recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia. IFMA's objective is the total unification of all 128 member national federations, working mutually for the sport and the athletes. The enthusiasm and commitment of the members, boxers and officials is one of the greatest assets that IFMA brings to the ancient sport of Muaythai. [1]

FISU President Gallien & IFMA President Sakchye Tapsuwan sign the collaboration convention

At the IFMA Royal World Cup in Bangkok the AIMS conference took place gathering all 23 presidents from its members as well as representatives of IOC, FISU, IWGA, Peace and Sport, TAFISA and many others.[8] The 2015 IFMA Royal World Cup displayed the rapid popularity of women competing in muaythai as the stadium quickly reached capacity during female bouts that displayed courage and heart.[8] 93 countries participated in this event.[citation needed]

In December 2015 AIMS received provisional recognition by the IOC. The following year in December 2016 at the annual meeting of the IOC Executive Board, Muaythai with IFMA as the governing body, was granted provisional IOC recognition for a period of three years. This allows IFMA to receive funding from the IOC and apply for development programmes.[citation needed]



Some of IFMA's milestones:[9]

IOC recognition


On December 6, 2016, the IOC Executive Board had provisionally recognised muaythai following an executive board meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland.[citation needed]



Area associations


International Federation of Muaythai Associations has a total of 122 member federations divided into 5 area associations.[12]

  EMF – European Muaythai Federation in Europe
  FAMA – Federation of Asian Muaythai Associations in Asia
  OMF – Oceania Muaythai Federation in Oceania
  PAMU – Pan-American Muaythai Union in the Americas
Code Country Federation Website Note
European Muaythai Federation
ALB  Albania Provisional Member
AND  Andorra Provisional Member
ARM  Armenia Armenian Muaythai Federation armeniamuaythai.com
AUT  Austria Austrian Kickboxing and Thai Boxing Association ifmamuaythai.at
AZE  Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Muaythai and Thaiboxing Federation
BLR  Belarus Belarusian Muaythai Federation kickthai.by[permanent dead link]
BEL  Belgium Belgian Muaythai Organisation bkbmo.be
BIH  Bosnia and Herzegovina Muay Thai Union BiH
BUL  Bulgaria Bulgarian National Muay Thai Federation muaythai.bg Archived 2017-09-25 at the Wayback Machine
CRO  Croatia Croatian Muaythai Federation hoo.hr
CYR  Cyprus Cyprus Muaythai Federation cyprusmuaythai.org
CZE  Czech Republic Czech Muay Thai Association czechmuaythai.cz
DEN  Denmark Danish Muay Thai Federation dkmf.dk
EST  Estonia Eesti Muay Thai Föderatsioon thaiboxing.ee
FIN  Finland Muaythai Association of Finland muaythai.fi
FRA  France Fédération française de kick boxing, muay thaï et disciplines associées ffkmda.fr
GEO  Georgia Thaiboxing Georgian Federation geonoc.org.ge
GER  Germany Muaythai Bund Deutschland e.V. mtbd.de
GRE  Greece Panhellenic Muaythai Federation pmf.gr
HUN  Hungary Hungarian Muaythai Federation muaythai.hu
ISL  Iceland Provisional Member
IRL  Ireland Irish Muaythai Council muaythaiireland.com Archived 2017-06-13 at the Wayback Machine
ISR  Israel Muaythai Ring and Combat Sport Association muaythai.co.il
ITA  Italy Federazione Italiana Muay Thai fikbms.net
KOS  Kosovo Kosovo Federation of Muaythai noc-kosovo.org
LAT  Latvia Latvian Muaythai Federation muaythai.lv
LIE  Liechtenstein Provisional Member
LTU  Lithuania Lithuanian Muaythai Federation muaythai.lt
LUX  Luxembourg Federation Luxembourgeoise des Arts Martiaux - FLAM [1] Provisional Member
MKD  North Macedonia Muay Thai and Kickboxing Federation of Macedonia
MLT  Malta Malta Muay Thai
MDA  Moldova Federation of Muaythai of Republic of Moldova thaiboxclub.md Archived 2014-10-18 at the Wayback Machine
MON  Monaco Fédération Monégasque de Muaythai et Disciplines Associées federation-muaythai.mc
MNE  Montenegro Montenegrin Mauy Thai Federation
NED  Netherlands Muaythai Organisation Netherlands mon-ifma.org
NOR  Norway Norwegian Muaythai Association nmta.no
POL  Poland Polish Muaythai Federation pzmuaythai.pl
POR  Portugal Portuguese Muaythai Federation fpkmt.pt
ROM  Romania Romanian Federation of Contact Martial Arts - FRAMC [2] Provisional Member
RUS  Russia Russian Muaythai Federation rmtf.ru
SMR  San Marino Provisional Member
SRB  Serbia Provisional Member
SVK  Slovakia Slovak Muaythai Association smta.sk
SLO  Slovenia Slovenian Muay thai Federation olympic.si
ESP  Spain Federacion Española de Kickboxing y Muaythai spainmuaythai.com
SWE  Sweden Svenska Muaythai Förbundet muaythai.se
SUI   Switzerland Swiss Muaythai League Provisional Member
TUR  Turkey Turkish Muaythai Federation muaythai.gov.tr
UKR  Ukraine Ukraine National Muaythai Federation muaythai.org.na[permanent dead link]
GBR  United Kingdom United Kingdom Muaythai Federation ukmtf.com
Federation of Asian Muaythai Associations
AFG  Afghanistan Afghanistan National Federation of Muaythai muaythai.org.af Archived 2018-09-11 at the Wayback Machine
BRN  Bahrain Bahraini Federation of Muaythai Provisional Member
BAN  Bangladesh Provisional Member
CHN  China China Muaythai Association olympic.cn
TPE  Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Muaythai Association sanda.org.tw
HKG  Hong Kong Hong Kong Muay Thai Association hkmuaythai.org
IND  India United Muaythai Association of India www.olympic.org/india
INA  Indonesia Indonesian Muaythai Federation nocindonesia.or.id Archived 2013-11-14 at the Library of Congress Web Archives Provisional Member
IRI  Iran I.R. IRAN National Muaythai Association olympic.ir
IRQ  Iraq Iraqi Muaythai Federation nociraq.iq Archived 2019-05-30 at the Wayback Machine
JPN  Japan All Japan Muaythai Federation ifma-j.org Archived 2013-06-04 at the Wayback Machine
JOR  Jordan Jordan Muay Thai Association joc.jo
KAZ  Kazakhstan Muaythai Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan olympic.kz Archived 2013-06-26 at the Wayback Machine
KOR  South Korea Korea Muaythai Association sports.or.kr/eng
KUW  Kuwait Kuwait Muaythai Committee kuwaitolympic.com Archived 2014-02-28 at the Wayback Machine
KGZ  Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Muaythai Federation kyrgyzmuaythai.org Archived 2018-08-10 at the Wayback Machine
LAO  Laos Laos Muaythai Provisional Member
LBN  Lebanon Lebanese Muaythai Federation lebolymp.org
MAC  Macau Macau Muaythai Association macauolympic.org
MAS  Malaysia Malaysia Muaythai Association muaythaimalaysia.org Archived 2016-02-09 at the Wayback Machine
MGL  Mongolia Muaythai Federation of Mongolia fight.mn Archived 2019-01-25 at the Wayback Machine
MYA  Myanmar Provisional Member
NEP    Nepal Nepal Muay Thai Association
OMA  Oman Provisional Member
PAK  Pakistan Pakistan Federation Amateur Muaythai pfampk.com[permanent dead link]
PLE  Palestine Palestine Federation of Muaythai poc.ps Archived 2014-02-19 at the Wayback Machine
PHI  Philippines Muaythai Association of the Philippines olympic.ph
QAT  Qatar Provisional Member
KSA  Saudi Arabia Saudi Muaythai and Kickboxing Federation
SGP  Singapore Muaythai Association Singapore (MAS) amas.org.sg Archived 2015-04-19 at the Wayback Machine
SRI  Sri Lanka Muayhai Association of Sri Lanka mtaslb.com
SYR  Syria Provisional Member
TJK  Tajikistan Muaythai Federation of Tajikistan olympic.tj
THA  Thailand Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand (AMTAT) olympicthai.or.th Archived 2001-01-24 at the Wayback Machine
TLS  Timor-Leste Provisional Member
TKM  Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Muaythai Federation
UAE  United Arab Emirates UAE Muaythai Federation mkfed.ae
UZB  Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Amateur and Professional Muaythai Association muaythai-ifma.uz Archived 2015-11-24 at the Wayback Machine
VIE  Vietnam Vietnam Muay Federation muayviet.com[permanent dead link]
YEM  Yemen Yemen Federation of Muaythai
ALG  Algeria Algeria Full Contact Kickboxing, Muaythai and Related Disciplines Federation
ANG  Angola Provisional Member
CMR  Cameroon Federation camerounaise de muaythai et disciplines affinitaires
EGY  Egypt Egyptian Muaythai Federation
ETH  Ethiopia Provisional Member
GAM  Gambia Provisional Member
GHA  Ghana Ghana Muaythai Federation
GUI  Guinea Guinea Federation of Muaythai and associated Disciplines
CIV  Ivory Coast Federation Ivoirienne de Muaythai et Disciplines Assimilees fimt-muaythai.com
KEN  Kenya Provisional Member
LBA  Libya Libyan Union for Kickboxing and Similar Sports olympic.ly Archived 2018-03-10 at the Wayback Machine
MDA  Madagascar Provisional Member
MAU  Mauritania Provisional Member
MRI  Mauritius Mauritius Muaythai Federation nocmauritius.org
MAR  Morocco Federation Royale Marocaine de Muay Tai cnomaroc.org
MOZ  Mozambique Provisional Member
NAM  Namibia Provisional Member
NGR  Nigeria Nigeria Muaythai Federation
SEN  Senegal Provisional Member
SLE  Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Muaythai Association
RSA  South Africa South African Amateur Muaythai Federation muaythai.org.za Archived 2019-07-21 at the Wayback Machine
TUN  Tunisia
UGA  Uganda Provisional Member
Oceania Muaythai Federation
AUS  Australia Muaythai Australia muaythaiaustralia.com.au
COK  Cook Islands Provisional Member
FIJ  Fiji Provisional Member
PYF  French Polynesia Fédération Polynésienne Boxe Thaïlandaise et Disciplines Associées
NZL  New Zealand New Zealand Muaythai Federation
PNG  Papua New Guinea Provisional Member
SAM  Samoa Provisional Member
TGA  Tonga Provisional Member
Pan American Muaythai Union
ARG  Argentina Federación Argentina de Muaythai muaythai.com.ar
ARU  Aruba Muay Thai Federation Aruba
BAR  Barbados Provisional Member
BOL  Bolivia Federacion Boliviana de Muaythai Membership in process
BRA  Brazil Confederacao Brasileira de Muaythai Tradicional cbmttbrasil.com
CAN  Canada Muaythai Canada muaythaicanada.org Archived 2020-08-15 at the Wayback Machine
CHI  Chile Provisional Member
COL  Colombia Federation Colombiana De Muaythai
CRC  Costa Rica Federacion Costarricense de Muaythai
DOM  Dominican Republic Federacion Dominicana de Muaythai
ECU  Ecuador Federación Ecuatoriana de Muaythai
SLV  El Salvador Provisional Member
GUA  Guatemala Provisional Member
HON  Honduras Federacion Hondurena De Muaythai muaythaihn.blogspot.com
JAM  Jamaica Provisional Member
MEX  Mexico Mexican Muaythai Federation femem.mx Archived 2017-07-08 at the Wayback Machine
PAN  Panama Provisional Member
PAR  Paraguay Federacion Paraguaya de Muaythai
PER  Peru Peruvian Muaythai Federation muaythaiperu.com
PUE  Puerto Rico Provisional Member
SUR  Suriname Surinamese Thaiboxing Association (Suthaibo)
TTO  Trinidad and Tobago Trinbago Muaythai
USA  United States United States Muaythai Federation unitedstatesmuaythaifederation.org
URU  Uruguay Federacion Uruguaya de Muaythai Tradicional fumtt.com.uy
VEN  Venezuela Provisional Member




Denotes inaugural event
Year World Games World Combat Games World University Championships World Martial Arts Masterships World Championships / Cup World Youth Championships
1993 Thailand Bangkok
1998 Thailand Bangkok
1999 Thailand Bangkok
2000 Thailand Bangkok
2001 Thailand Bangkok
2002 Thailand Bangkok
2003 Kazakhstan Almaty
2005 Thailand Bangkok Thailand Bangkok
2006 Thailand Bangkok[13] Thailand Bangkok[13]
2007 Thailand Bangkok[14] Thailand Bangkok[14]
2008 South Korea Busan[15] South Korea Busan[15]
2009 Thailand Bangkok[16] Thailand Bangkok[16]
2010 China Beijing Thailand Bangkok[17] Thailand Bangkok[17]
2011 Uzbekistan Tashkent[18] Uzbekistan Tashkent[19]
2012 Russia Saint Petersburg[20] Russia Saint Petersburg[21]
2013 Russia Saint Petersburg Turkey Istanbul[22]
2014 Malaysia Langkawi[23] Malaysia Langkawi[24]
2015 Thailand Bangkok[25] Thailand Bangkok[26]
2016 South Korea Cheongju Sweden Jönköping[27] Thailand Bangkok[28]
2017 Poland Wrocław Belarus Minsk[29] Thailand Bangkok[30]
2018 Thailand Bangkok Mexico Cancún[31] Thailand Bangkok[32]
2019 South Korea Chungju Thailand Bangkok[33] Turkey Antalya[34]
2020 Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi[35] Malaysia TBA[36]
2021 United States Birmingham Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan Thailand Bangkok
2022 Russia Ekaterinburg


Denotes inaugural event
Year European Championships Asian Championships African Championships Oceanian Championships Pan American Championships
2008 Poland Zgorzelec
2010 Italy Velletri
2011 Turkey Antalya
2013 Portugal Lisbon

Professional rankings

As of 10 April 2020[37]

Men's divisions

Rank Mini flyweight Flyweight Bantamweight Super bantamweight
1 Thailand Netipong Phrommakhot Russia Charak Murtuzaliev Thailand Detrak Kulsena Thailand Buengon Leknakhonsiri
2 Russia Ovsep Aslanyan Thailand Chanalert Meenayothin Thailand Kumandoi Petcharoenvit Thailand Kompatak Sinbimuaythai
3 Thailand Petchdech Wor.Sangbrapai Thailand Satanmuanglek PetchyindeeAcademy Thailand Ronachai Tor.Ramintra Thailand Ponsanae Sor.Pumiphat
4 Thailand Yodkla Isantractor Thailand PetchAnuwat Nor.Anuwatgym Thailand Saotho Sitchefboontham Thailand Petchhuahin Bor.Petchkaikaew
5 Thailand Watcharapon Meenayothin Thailand Peerapat Muayded789 Thailand Petchmuangsiri Odtukdaeng Thailand Kongthoranee Sor.Sommai
6 Cambodia Koemrieng Him Thailand Sakaengam Jitmuangnon Thailand Chartpet Sor.Poonsawat Thailand Chailar Por.Lakboon
7 Laos Soulixay Singsavath Thailand Malaynguen Somwang Gai Yang Philippines Ariel Lee Lampacan Thailand Tepthaksin Sor.Sonsing
8 Turkey Zubeyr Barin China Luo Chenghao Peru Nicolas Young Peru Nicolas Young
9 Afghanistan Mashal Islamzai Belarus Mikita Mironchyk Russia Kholmurod Rakhimov Russia Kholmurod Rakhimov
10 Japan Nadaka Eiwasportsgym Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Arifkhanov Kazakhstan Yelaman Sayassatov Kazakhstan Yelaman Sayassatov
Rank Featherweight Super featherweight Lightweight Super lightweight
C N/A N/A Cyprus Savvas Michael N/A
1 Kazakhstan Almaz Sarsembekov Thailand Superlek Kiatmuu9 Russia Aik Begian Ukraine Igor Liubchenko
2 Thailand Kiewpayak Jitmuangnon Thailand Yodtongtai Sor.Sommai Thailand Kaona SorJor.Tongprachin Russia Abdulmalik Mugidinov
3 Thailand Phetpangan Mor.Ratanabandit Thailand Yodkritsada Yutthichonburi Thailand Rodtang Jitmuangnon Thailand Nuenglanlek Jitmuangnon
4 Thailand Messi Pangkongprab Thailand Mongkolkaew Sor.Sommai Thailand Tiradet Chor.Hapayak Thailand Chamuaktong Fightermuaythai
5 Thailand Samingdet Nor.Anuwatgym Thailand Lamnamoonlek Or.Atchariya Thailand Sittisak Sengchimyou Yim Thailand Shadow Suanahanpiekmai
6 Thailand Chalam Parunchai Thailand Thanupetch Wor.Sangprapai Thailand Extra Rongsamak OBJ Udon Thailand Sangmanee Sathian
7 Russia Alexsandr Abramov Russia Alexsandr Abramov Thailand Petchmanee Por.Lakboon Malaysia Mohd Fazzatki bin Mohd Zaki
8 Sweden Nicholas Bryant Thailand Tananchai Somwang Gai Yang Turkey Sercan Koç Philippines Ryan Jakiri
9 Ukraine Vladyslav Mykytas France Arthur Meyer Belarus Daniil Yermolenka Thailand Kittipop Mueangprom
10 Russia Tagir Khalilov United Kingdom Jonathan Haggerty Vietnam Nguyễn Trần Duy Nhất Afghanistan Yousef Jahangir
Rank Welterweight Super welterweight Middleweight Super middleweight
C France Bobo Sacko Ukraine Oleksandr Moisa France Jimmy Vienot France Yohan Lidon
1 Thailand Thanet Nitutorn Thailand Khunsuk Sitchefboontham Russia Ilya Balanov France Jimmy Vienot
2 Thailand Pongsiri P.K.Saenchaigym Thailand Talaytong Sor.Thanapetch Thailand Capitan PetchyindeeAcademy Slovakia Vladimir Moravcik
3 Thailand Yodlekpet Or.Pitisak Thailand Saenpon PetchpacharaAcademy Thailand Yodwicha Banchamek Australia Toby Smith
4 France Rafi Singpatong Thailand Bangpleenoi Sor.Jitpadana Thailand Superbon Banchamek France Samy Sana
5 United Kingdom Liam Harrison France Nacheer KiatcamtonGym Belgium Youssef Boughanem Uzbekistan Mansurbek Tolipov
6 Belarus Dmitry Varats Thailand Ukraine Oleh Huta Thailand Khompikad Sor Tawnrung
7 Hungary Speth Norbert Attila Thailand Wanchalerm Nuantongsnooker Belarus Andrei Kulebin Ukraine Volodymyr Baryshev
8 United Kingdom Charlie Peters Russia Artem Pashporin Thailand Sorgraw PetchyindeeAcademy Spain Nayanesh Parikh Bumba
9 Turkey Erdem Dincer United Kingdom Liam Nolan Peru Gabriel Mazzetti Lebanon Youssef Abboud
10 Australia Chadd Collins United Kingdom George Mann United Arab Emirates Amine El Moatassime Sweden Anton Sjoqvist
Rank Light heavyweight Cruiserweight Heavyweight Super heavyweight
1 Russia Gadzhi Medzhidov Ukraine Oleh Primachov Turkey Bugra Tugay Erdogan
2 Belarus Mikita Shostak Belarus Yavheni Vavchok Belarus Dzianis Hanchanarok Belgium Yasin Petchsaman MT
3 Ukraine Vasyl Sorokin Ukraine Anatolii Sukhanov Czech Republic Jakub Klauda France Amine Kebir
4 Canada Simon Marcus Poland Lukasz Radosv Sri Lanka Weerasinghe Madushanka Ukraine Viktor Torkotluk
5 Thailand Tengnueng Sitjaesairoong United States Nathaniel Gaston Azerbaijan Zabit Samedov United States Steve Banks
6 Australia Jake Lund Spain Lorenzo Jiminez Martinez Russia Nadir Iskhanov Algeria Chelli Kahin
7 Russia Surik Magakian Kazakhstan Alexandr Tsarikov Pakistan Syed Asrar Hussain Sha Czech Republic Michal Reissinger
8 Netherlands Nicolai Woltmeijer Bartholin Serbia Milos Cvjeticanin France Brice Guiden Poland Matuesz Duczmal
9 United Arab Emirates Ilyas Hbibali Algeria Benkerrov Messaoud Dominica Miguel Fuerte Brazil Vinicius Silva Novaes De Souza
10 Mexico Miguel Angel Padilla Turkey Cengaver Taylan Kemik Italy Raffaele Vitale Iran Soleymani Safakhaneh Seyed Kaveh

Women's divisions

Rank Pinweight Mini flyweight Flyweight
C N/A N/A Thailand Ticha Wor Por Sukothai RR Kila Korat
1 Belarus Alena Liashkevich Finland Tessa Kakkonen Vietnam Bùi Yến Ly
2 Thailand Samtiya Bor Buayboonpuet Australia Sze Sze Rowlinson Russia Ekaterina Gurina
3 Thailand Pluengwaree Sor Boonchay Thailand FahChiangRai Sor Sakunthong Turkey Funda Alkayis
4 Finland Satu Mykkanen Thailand Gulabdam Sit Sor Nor Thailand Ploykiaw Sakchad
5 Thailand Tawanchai Dabhanyim Thailand Gaewda Wor Muangpetch Thailand Sommanee Wor Santai
6 Thailand Pawida Sor Pongsakon Turkey Gulistan Turan Thailand Rungnapa Por Muangpetch
7 Ukraine Yuliia Diachenko Thailand Suphisara Konlak Thailand Petchiruang Wor Woragon
8 Russia Vera Negodina France Myriame Djedidi Slovakia Monika Chochlikova
9 Vietnam Huỳnh Hà Hữu Hiếu Singapore Cheryl Gwa United Kingdom Lisa Brierly
10 Ukraine Yuliia Diachenko Ukraine Hanna Avakova Canada Yumiko Kawano
Rank Bantamweight Featherweight Lightweight
C Sweden Sofia Olofsson Thailand Pecthdabi Mor Krungtep Thonburi N/A
1 Russia Almira Tinchurina Russia Maria Klimova Israel Nili Block
2 Thailand Jitti Sor Sor Chiang Mai Australia Yolanda Schmidt Sweden Isa Tidblad
3 Thailand Kwanjai Sor Tawanrung Canada Candice Mitchell Russia Ekaterina Vinnikova
4 Thailand Wondergirl Fairtex Thailand Sayfa Sor Suparat Belarus Darya Bialkova
5 United States Sylvie Petchrungruang Thailand Nongurn Sor Konggrapan Thailand Janjeira Wankrue
6 United States Liya Sinbi Muaythai Gym Thailand Jomyutting Sor Engineer Concrete Mexico Mariana Ramirez Sanchez
7 Philippines Jenelyn Olsim France Anaelle Angerville Belarus Mariya Valent
8 United States Coral Carnicella Canada Taylor McClatchie Austria Nina Scheucher
9 Thailand Yadrung “Chomanee” Tehiran Czech Republic Karolina Klusova Ukraine Oleksandra Pecheniuk
10 Czech Republic Viktorie Bulinova Sweden Patricia Axling Finland Gia Winberg
Rank Lightweight Welterweight Middleweight
C Australia Claire Baxter N/A N/A
1 Australia Zoe Putorak Turkey Bediha Taçyıldız Finland Anna Rantanen
2 United States Angela Whitley Sweden Emma Stonegård Abrahamsson Sweden Angela Mamic
3 Sweden Sara Matsson Russia Anastasiia Nepianidi New Zealand Genah Fabian
4 Russia Veronika Profeva Kazakhstan Ilmira Kunakhunova Canada Charmaine Tweet
5 Sweden Isa Tidblad Belarus Alexsandra Sitnikova Iran Mahsa Salehpour
6 Russia Svetlana Vinnikova Kyrgyzstan Alena Artemova Croatia Helena Jurišić
7 Sweden Erica Björnestrand Finland Riikka Järvenpää Russia Anna Tarasava
8 Colombia Sabina Mazo Mexico Maria Eugenia Gonzalez Sanquis Thailand Michelle Lanna MT
9 Turkey Kübra Akbulut Australia Georgia Smith Thailand Gradai Noi Wor Por Sukhothai
10 Ukraine Anita Khodieieva Russia Tatiana Sharkova New Zealand Tersi Rookwood



The Ukrainian and Finnish national teams boycotted the 2022 IFMA Youth World Championships held in Malaysia due to IFMA reversing their decision of not allowing the Russian and Belarusian national teams to participate in the competition.[38][39]

At the 2023 Southeast Asian Games in Phnom Penh, the boxing style commonly practiced in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand was named Kun Khmer. The decision led to a severe backlash in Thailand.[40] The sport has already been renamed Muay Lao once when the event was hosted in Vientiane in 2009, sparking no reactions from Thailand at that time.[41] In 2023, the IFMA threatened six member-countries from Southeast Asia - Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore - with a two-year ban on any IFMA competitions and activities should they join the competition.[42] Eventually only Thai athletes boycotted the competition.[43]


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