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International Filing Company, LLC.
Industry Filing supplies
Founded 2002[1]
Defunct 16 April 2010
Headquarters Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
Revenue Increase $45.55 USD [2]

The International Filing Company was a manufacturer of filing supplies for the printing industry and several other businesses. They manufactured products such as filing folders, radiology jackets and preservers, labels, expansion pockets, and indexes.

IFC also manufactured Barkley, Century Index, and Redweld certified products.[3]

On April 14, 2010, IFC announced that due to unforeseen circumstances the business (located in both Hattiesburg, MS and Anaheim, CA) would be laying off employees and close. Two days later the business had laid off over 300 employees and 'closed' its doors. [4]


  • Folders
    • Press board
    • End tab
    • Top tab
    • Classification
    • File jackets
  • Radiology
    • X-Ray jackets
    • Category insert jackets
    • Negative preservers
    • X-Ray mailers
  • Indexes
    • Indexes
    • Dividers
    • File backs
  • Expansion pockets
    • Expansion pockets
    • CarryPac
  • Labels & Accessories
    • Fasteners
    • Pockets
    • Labels


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