Marrakech International Film Festival

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Marrakech International Film Festival
المهرجان الدولي للفيلم بمراكش
ⴰⵏⵎⵓⴳⴳⴰⵔ ⴰⴳⵔⴰⵖⵍⴰⵏ ⵏ ⵍⴼⵉⵍⵎ ⴳ ⵎⵕⵕⴰⴽⵛ
Marrakech International Film Festival Logo.png
Marrakech International Film Festival logo
Location Marrakech, Morocco
Founded 2001
Festival date December 5 to 13, 2014
Language Arabic

The Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM) (Arabic: المهرجان الدولي للفيلم بمراكش‎, Amazigh ⴰⵏⵎⵓⴳⴳⴰⵔ ⴰⴳⵔⴰⵖⵍⴰⵏ ⵏ ⵍⴼⵉⵍⵎ ⴳ ⵎⵕⵕⴰⴽⵛ ) is an international film festival founded in 2001 and held annually in Marrakech, Morocco. The 14th edition was held from December 5 to 13, 2014.[1]


Since its inaugural year, the FIFM has been one of the biggest events devoted to Moroccan cinema. It is also the site of the principal photography of many international productions.[citation needed]

The festival's jury gathers important international writers, actors and personalities, and aims to reward the best Moroccan and foreign feature and short films.

The International Film Festival of Marrakech is chaired by Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco.


During its closing ceremony, the FIFM issues awards among the following to the best movies, filmmakers and actors in the competition. These awards may or may not be issued every year.

Golden Star (Étoile d’or)/Grand prix[edit]

Year Film Director(s) Nationality of Director
(at time of film's release)
2001 Inch'Allah Dimanche [2] Yamina Benguigui  France
2002 Go [3] Isao Yukisada  Japan
2003 Gori vatra [4] Pjer Zalica  Bosnia and Herzegovina
2004 Sideways [5] Alexander Payne  United States
2005 Saratan [6] Ernest Abdyshaparov  Kyrgyzstan
2006 The Red Cockatoo [7] Dominik Graf  Germany
2007 Autumn Ball [8] Veiko Õunpuu  Estonia
2008 Wild Field (Dikoe Pole) [9] Mikheil Kalatozishvili (1959–2009)  Russia
2009 Norteado [10] Rigoberto Pérezcano  Mexico
2010 The Journals of Musan [11] Park Jung-Bum  South Korea
2011 Out of Bounds [12] Frederikke Aspöck  Denmark
2012 The Attack [13] Ziad Doueiri  Lebanon
2013 Han Gong-ju Lee Su-jin  South Korea
2014 Corrections Class [14] Ivan I. Tverdovsky  Russia  Germany

The Jury Prize[edit]

Year Film Director(s) Nationality of Director
(at time of film's release)
2001 The Unsaid Tom McLoughlin  United States
2002 Bend it like Beckham Gurinder Chadha  United Kingdom
2003 The Station Agent Thomas McCarthy  United States
2004 Electric Shadows (Meng ying tong nian) Xiao Jiang  China
Moolaadé Ousmane Sembène  Senegal
2005 C.R.A.Z.Y. Jean-Marc Vallée  Canada
Bab al-Makam Mohamed Malas  Tunisia
2006 The Paper Will Be Blue Radu Muntean  Romania
2007 The Hard-Hearted Alexey Mizgirev  Russia
Slingshot (Tirador) Brillante Mendoza  Philippines
2008 The Shaft (Dixia de tiankong) Chi Zhang  China
2009 Les barons Nabil Ben Yadir  Belgium
My daughter Charlotte Lim Lay Kuen  Malaysia
2010 Becloud Alejandro Gerber Bicecci  Mexico
Beyond the Steppes Vanja d’Alcantara  Belgium
2011 Snowtown Justin Kurzel  Australia
2012 A Hijacking Tobias Lindholm  Denmark
Taboor Vahid Vakilifar  Iran
2013 "La Piscina" Carlos M. Quintela  Cuba
2014 Chrieg Simon Jaquemet   Switzerland

Best Actress[edit]

Year Actress Film
2001 MoroccoChaïbia Adraoui Mona Saber
2002 IsraelClara Khoury Rana's Wedding
2003 MoroccoNajat Benssallem Raja
2004 United StatesVera Farmiga Down to the Bone
2005 United KingdomShirley Henderson Frozen
2006 FranceFatou N'Diaye A Sunday in Kigali
2007 South Korea Yoo Yeon-mi With the Girl of Black Soil (Geomen tangyi sonyeo oi)
2008 United StatesMelissa Leo Frozen River
2009 NetherlandsLotte Verbeek Nothing Personal
2010 none awarded
2011 United States Joslyn Jensen Without
2012 Estonia Elina Reinold Mushrooming
2013 Sweden Alicia Vikander Hotell
2014 France Clotilde Hesme The Last Blow Hammer

Best Actor[edit]

Year Actor Film
2001 France Jacques Dutronc C'est la vie
2002 Japan Yusikhe Kebozuka Go
2003 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bogdan Diklić Fuse (Gori Vatra)
2004 Russia Bogdan Stupka Our Own (Svoi)
2005 United States Daniel Day-Lewis The Ballad of Jack and Rose
2006 Germany Max Riemelt The Red Cockatoo
2007 FinlandTommi Korpela Man's Job
2008 Finland Eero Aho Tears of April
2009 Denmark Cyron Melville Love and Rage (Vanvittig forelsket)
2010 none awarded
2011 Australia Daniel Henshall Snowtown
2012 Denmark Søren Malling A Hijacking
2013 FranceMorocco Didier Michon & Slimane Dazi Fevers (Fièvres)
2014 Switzerland Benjamin Lutzke Chrieg

Jury Prize for Best Director[edit]

Year Director(s) Film
2011 Italy Gianluca e Massimiliano De Serio Seven Acts of Mercy (Italian: Sette Opere di misericordia)

Prize for the best interpretation[edit]

Year Film Director(s) Nationality of Director
(at time of film's release)
2010 Animal Kingdom David Michôd  Australia
When We Leave (german: Die Fremde) Feo Aladag  Germany

The Best Director Award[edit]

Year Film Director(s) Nationality of Director
(at time of film's release)
2002 City of God Fernando Meirelles  Brazil
2003 Takeshi Kitano Zatoichi  Japan
2011 Seven Acts of Mercy (Italian: Sette Opere di misericordia) Gianluca e Massimiliano De Serio  Italy
2013 Medeas Andrea Pallaoro  United States

Best Screenplay Award[edit]

Year Film Director(s) Nationality of Director
(at time of film's release)
2002 Matir Moina (The Clay Bird) Tareque Masud  Bangladesh
2003 Cry No More Narjiss Nejjar  France

Golden Star Grand Prize Short Film[edit]

Year Film Director(s) Nationality of Director
(at time of film's release)
2002 Chiffons (Batang trapo) Ramon Mez de Guzman  Philippines
2003 Hymne à la gazelle Stéphanie Duvivier  France

Special Jury Prize Short Film[edit]

Year Film Director(s) Nationality of Director
(at time of film's release)
2002 Malcolm Baker Karim  Sweden
2003 Haçla Tariq Teguia  France

The Cinécoles Short Film Prize[edit]

The Cinécoles Short Film Prize was created in 2010 and focuses on new cinematographic talent and is open to students from Morocco’s cinema schools and institutes.

Through the competition, the FIFM Foundation offers opportunity for film creation and career advancement for new filmmakers and during the festival creates a platform for discussion between seasoned professionals and less-experienced filmmakers.

The competition provides an occasion to present the student cinema for the first time in Morocco and within the framework of a prestigious event.

The Cinécoles Prize comes with a grant worth 300,000 dirhams, donated by His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, President of the FIFM Foundation, for the film student to make his or her second short film. It is managed by the FIFM Foundation and must be used to make a new film, which must be completed during the three years following the award. In this way, the FIFM Foundation supports the creation of this second work through careful monitoring and participation in the different stages of writing, directing and editing.[15]

The Short Film Jury for the 13th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival (2013) was presided over by Moroccan filmmaker Nour Eddine Lakhmari and included Astrid Bergès-Frisbey - Actress (France), Jan Kounen - Director & screenwriter (France), Atiq Rahimi - Novelist, director & screenwriter (Afghanistan) and Sylvie Testud - Actress, director, screenwriter & author (France).[15]

Year Film Director(s)
2010 Apnée Mahassine El Hachadi
2011 L'Arroseur Mohamed Aouad
2012 Mejor Une vie meilleure Tarik Leihemdi
2013 Bad Ayoub Lahnoud & Alaa Akaaboune
2014 Dalto Essam Doukhou


In 2013, the Jury of the 13th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival, with president of the jury Martin Scorsese and jury members Fatih Akin, Patricia Clarkson, Marion Cotillard, Amat Escalante, Golshifteh Farahani, Anurag Kashyap, Narjiss Nejjar, Park Chan-wook and Paolo Sorrentino, chose award winners amongst the 15 international feature films in competition.[16]

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