International Franz Liszt Piano Competition

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The International Franz Liszt Piano Competition ("Liszt Competition") is an international piano competition. It is a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions.

The Competition is held in Utrecht in the Netherlands. It first took place in 1986, one hundred years after the death of Franz Liszt.

Each time the Liszt Competition has been held it has seen over two hundred selected participants.

List of Prizewinners[edit]

Year First prize Second prize Third prize
1986 Martyn van den Hoek,  The Netherlands Gregorio Nardi,  Italy Michael Lewin,  United States of America
1989 Enrico Pace,  Italy Alexei Orlovetski,  Russia Wibi Soerjadi,  The Netherlands
1992 Sergey Pashkevich,  Russia Evelina Vorontsova,  Russia Evelina Borbély,  Russia
1996 Igor Roma,  Italy - Tomoko Narata,  Japan and Chi Wu,  China (tied)
1999 Masaru Okada,  Japan Mariangela Vacatello,  Italy Yundi Li,  China
2002 Jean Dubé,  France Ilona Timchenko,  Russia Giancarlo Crespeau,  France
2005 Yingdi Sun,  China Anton Salnikov,  Russia Christiaan Kuyvenhoven,  The Netherlands
2008 Vitaly Pisarenko,  Russia Nino Gvetadze,  Georgia Anzhelika Fuks,  Hungary/ Ukraine
2011 Masataka Goto,  Japan Olga Kozlova,  Russia Oleksandr Poliykov,  Ukraine
2014 Mariam Batsashvili,  Georgia Peter Klimo,  United States of America Mengjie Han,  The Netherlands
2017 Alexander Ullman,  United Kingdom Minsoo Hong,  South Korea Dina Ivanova,  Russia


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