International Free and Open Source Software Law Review

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International Free and Open Source Software Law Review  
DisciplineLaw review
Publication details
Publication history
The Editorial Committee of the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review (UK)
FrequencyTwice yearly
LicenseIndicatively: Creative Commons BY ND or similar (allowing commercial reuse)[1]
Standard abbreviations
Int. Free Open Source Softw. Law Rev.
OCLC no.424652964

The International Free and Open Source Software Law Review (also known as 'IFOSS L. Rev.', 'IFOSSLR', or 'IFOSS L. R.') is an English language law review focusing on Free and open source software.


IFOSS L. Rev. is intended to provide a neutral forum for debate and analysis of legal issues connected with Free and Open Source Software. Articles are subject to peer review where appropriate[2] and the editors exercise a policy of independence from sponsors and facilitators.[3]

The review is published twice yearly.[4] All editions are available to download in PDF and HTML formats from the journal's website. Readers are encouraged to copy and share their copies of IFOSS L. Rev. The publication qualifies as a gold Open Access journal under the open access publishing scheme.

The journal has an open call for papers intended for publication in 2010 and beyond.[5] It permits a variety of licences to be used for individual articles including Creative Commons, and where derivative works are prohibited special exceptions permitting translations into other languages are encouraged.[1] A policy against non-commercial only restrictions exists.[1]

While IFOSS L. Rev. seeks publication of original articles, in specific cases it republishes articles appeared elsewhere, depending on the relevance of the article to the readership or the article having received substantial revisions.


IFOSS L. Rev. was launched with the release of Volume 1, Issue 1 on the 13 July 2009, [6][7][8][9] and published its second issue in January 2010.[10]

Editorial Committee[edit]

The Editorial Committee of the Review is made up from delegates of the European Legal Network, a non-partisan professional network of Free Software legal experts.[11] Many members of the network actually come from outside Europe.[12] This network is facilitated by Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), though membership extends across a broad spectrum of interests engaging in Free and Open Source Software. FSFE exerts no editorial control over the Editorial Committee.

The composition of the Editorial Committee rotates regularly among European Legal Network members. The governance of this rotation is currently being formalised by the Editorial Committee and the European Legal Network.


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