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The International Freedom Alliance (IFA) (Dutch: alliantie van internationale vrijheid) was a proposed group announced in July 2010 by Dutch politician Geert Wilders.


Wilders has stated that the IFA will be an umbrella organization for groups and individuals who "are fighting for freedom against Islam".[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] His goal is an international alliance to end immigration of Islamic nationals to the West and a complete ban of Sharia law.

Wilders had planned to set up IFA branches in the United States, Canada, Britain, France and Germany by late 2010, but it is likely that his trial delayed these plans. "The message, 'stop Islam, defend freedom', is a message that's not only important for the Netherlands but for the whole free Western world," Wilders stated in an address to reporters at the Dutch Parliament.[8][9] Wilders has also stated the new organization will not include any right-wing extremists.[10]

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