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International Geodetic Student Organisation (IGSO)
Logo International Geodetic Student Organisation (IGSO)
Mottoto unite geodesy, cartography, geomatics and geoinformatics students from all over the world
FoundedMay 10, 1991; 29 years ago (1991-05-10)
Typenon-profit association
  • association registered in Zurich
Area served
worldwide, mainly Europe
98 universities from 34 countries[1]

The International Geodetic Student Organisation (also known as IGSO) is an international, independent, non-political, non-profit organisation run by and for geodesy students and young geodesists.


The aims of the IGSO are:[2]

  • to bring organisations of geodesy students of all countries together
  • to represent geodetic students in public
  • to organise connections between the member associations
  • to establish and to strengthen the co-operation with the authorities

These aims are organised and realised by the International Geodetic Students Meeting (IGSM) and the General Assembly.


The members of the IGSO are associations of universities representing geodetic students.

The IGSO consists of these institutions:

  • The General Assembly.
  • The International Geodetic Students Agency (the General Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Actuary)
  • The auditors of account.

The structure of the IGSO and the realisation of the IGSM 2004 was presented at the ISPRS meeting 2006.[3]

Meetings and Activities[edit]

Every year the IGSO organises an International Geodetic Students Meeting (IGSM) in a different country. These meetings allow students to exchange experiences from geodesy and to get to know other countries' customs and culture.


The first IGSM was organised in the Netherlands by geodesy students from the TU Delft. The IGSO was founded later during the fourth IGSM in Graz, Austria.

Past and future meetings:[4]

Year Title Country City University
1988 1. IGSM  Netherlands Delft Delft University of Technology
1989 2. IGSM  Germany Bonn University of Bonn
1990 3. IGSM  Hungary Budapest Budapest University of Technology and Economics
1991 4. IGSM  Austria Graz Graz University of Technology
1992 5. IGSM  United Kingdom London University of East London
1993 6. IGSM  Czech Republic Prague Czech Technical University in Prague
1994 7. IGSM  Germany Bochum-Essen Hochschule Bochum [de], University of Duisburg-Essen
1995 8. IGSM  Poland Warsaw Warsaw University of Technology
1996 9. IGSM  Germany Hannover Leibniz University Hannover
1997 10. IGSM  Netherlands Delft Delft University of Technology
1998 11. IGSM  Spain Madrid Technical University of Madrid
1999 12. IGSM  Spain Valencia Polytechnic University of Valencia
2000 13. IGSM  France Le Mans/Paris École supérieure des géomètres et topographes [fr] (ESGT)
2001 14. IGSM  United Kingdom Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle University
2002 15. IGSM  Slovenia Ljubljana University of Ljubljana
2003 16. IGSM  Germany Dresden Dresden University of Technology[5]
2004 17. IGSM  Finland Espoo Helsinki University of Technology[6][7]
2005 18. IGSM  Turkey Istanbul Istanbul Technical University[8]
2006 19. IGSM  Poland Kraków AGH University of Science and Technology[9]
2007 20. IGSM  Bulgaria Sofia University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG)[10]
2008 21. IGSM  Spain Valencia Polytechnic University of Valencia[11]
2009 22. IGSM   Switzerland Zurich ETH Zurich[12]
2010 23. IGSM  Croatia Zagreb University of Zagreb[13]
2011 24. IGSM  United Kingdom Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle University[14]
2012 25. IGSM  Spain Jaén University of Jaén[15]
2013 26. IGSM  Poland Wrocław Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences[16]
2014 27. IGSM  Turkey Istanbul Istanbul Technical University[17]
2015 28. IGSM  Finland Espoo Aalto University[18]
2016 29. IGSM  Germany Munich Technische Universität München[19]
2017 30. IGSM  Croatia Zagreb University of Zagreb[20]
2018 31. IGSM  Spain Valencia Polytechnic University of Valencia
2019 32. IGSM  Poland Warsaw Warsaw University of Technology
2020 33. IGSM  Greece Thessaloniki Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
2021 34. IGSM  Germany Hannover Leibniz University Hannover


The IGSO is a partner organisation of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG)[21]

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